A Year Of Gratitude And Blessings

Here we are nearing the end of 2023.

What I’ve realized perhaps more from a felt sense than ever before is that gratitude is a state that is cultivated from within.

It’s not something we simply automatically wake up to, rather  an intention rooted in awareness of what thoughts we’re feeding and looping.

It’s also not a permanent state where once we feel it, we no longer have to work towards it again.

Gratitude is an active practice.

It’s the recognition that we always have a choice.

What choices are we making?

What lens are we viewing life from?

Are we beating the drum of scarcity and not having enough, or are we sinking into the soul’s truth that we are provided for and being present for all that is right now?

The more we lean into cultivating gratitude, the easier it becomes to access it.

The more we connect within ourselves in this way, the more we integrate and embody gratitude, presence, and joy.

I want to share three ways you can cultivate a practice of gratitude and how this literally makes you a magnet for more things to be grateful for.

1. Perspective

It’s all too easy when we’re comfortable to take people, things, and circumstances for granted.

I love approaching my day remembering  i now have  so many of the things I once yearned for.

The opportunity to cultivate increased gratitude comes from a willingness to see our life from a fresh perspective  and see all of the blessings that have come our way.

I’ve been leaning into this as well when things seem way off the tracks as I’ve seen now so many lessons and learnings that are integrated when

It all seems to be collapsing.

Am I able to stay present and view things from a space of being in a deeper ceremony that’s guiding me?

As I’ve increased my willingness in this area, I see my trust and faith in the unknown grow tremendously.

When things drop off, there is always an opening for something new that we didn’t have access to before.

2. Grounding

Most women need lots of practices that support feeling grounded and anchored into their feminine energy.

It’s the ability to recognize where the day is attempting to pull you  in different directions yet staying steady enough within so that the internal is directing the external.

Practices that support feeling grounded:

Nature for me is number one- getting outside and experiencing Mother Earth daily!

Salt Baths– Honestly, this is my personal go-to, sometimes depending upon what’s going on in life, I take multiple baths a day!

Movement– stretching, weight training, yoga, or whatever feels good to you. Connecting with our body and taking care of her will support you feeling so full and cared for.

Connecting with others- I love people! I love connecting with strangers and having a light hearted exchange. I love being able to offer someone a smile, a laugh, and being able to receive when someone holds a door open, or shows up for me in any little way.

3. Presence

When we’re present we experience time differently.

When connected to present moment awareness we’re not operating in linear time.

We’re connected to the soul, and a richness that isn’t available when distracted or multitasking.

I remember a moment this year when I was at an outdoor full moon yoga class.

I had this moment when relaxing after the class on my mat staring at the sky, feeling so deeply connected to the moment.

Joy washed over me that lasted under a minute, but it felt like an eternity.

I carry this  special memory with me as a reminder of what’s possible when we drop into our bodies  and connect to the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating! Below is my most recent meditation I’ve added on YouTube. I also invite you to join my new YouTube membership offering, details here!

I hope you’ll give a listen and connect to the beauty that lives inside of you. May you remember this and carry it with you always.




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