Awaken Through Surrender

Peace | Femininity | Truth

Hello There!

My name is Jen Michelle, I am so happy that you’re here! My clients say that I’m a relationship coach, intuitive guide, and life advisor all rolled into one.

My Background

Masters in social work, predominantly focused on men’s needs for over a decade before expanding into the work I do now.

Studied the subconscious mind for the past five years and continue to be deeply passionate in this area of growth and expansion.

An extensive background of supporting all stages of love and relationships, ego work, inner-child healing, huna philosophy, hypnotherapy, and meditation.

Certified as a relationship coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and hypnotherapist.


Learn to effortlessly radiate the power of your "Feminine Magnetic Sensitivity"


I am forever a student and have an unwavering passion for learning.

I continue to develop and integrate new skills and knowledge that is deeply supportive and nourishing to my clients.

It’s truly my own personal story though that has served as my greatest teacher.

I didn’t think I would ever be in this position as i was so lost at one point myself. I was faced with looking deeper within myself when my marriage began to completely crumble during its first year.

My anxious attachment almost destroyed my marriage, as I didn’t know how to handle the uncertainty that comes with true intimacy.

For instance, in my situation, I turned to control mechanisms in order to feel safe. However, the more I tried to control my partner, the less he felt safe around me.

This led to us being caught in a perpetual loop of me trying to control and him trying to feel safe.

You can appreciate how this could destroy intimacy, fast.

This all began to change, as i learned how to step into and ultimately choose myself.

In order to heal, I abandoned self-deception, manipulation and became brutally honest with myself. I had to show up again and again with humility, and a desire for integrity and learning the truth.

It was hard. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. However, it changed my life and marriage in the most profound ways.

And quite to my surprise, it became the spark that has led me to the work I do now.

I love nothing more than supporting all areas of growth as it relates to love, intimacy, relationships, understanding human connection, and allowing space for your deepest dreams and desires to unfold.

Your desires are there for a reason!

I hold a deep reverence for nature, and a devotion to being led by our higher self.

If one is willing to quiet the mind and tap into their feminine energy (which is a state of being-ness,) they’ll see profound shifts and things will naturally start to flow.

In other words, you’re in your essence as a feminine woman. It’s then, you can begin to change your entire life in ways you’ve always dreamed possible.

Coaching with Jen