Access Your Feminine Energy By Awakening Your Magnetic Sensitivity

I talk to women everyday who feel like they’re not good enough, like they’re somehow flawed or doomed when it comes to love.

We women can be so incredibly hard on ourselves when it comes to pretty much everything, yet it’s especially painful when it comes to love and intimacy.

When we feel like we’re being rejected, or a man’s pulling away, it feels deeply personal. It feels like he’s conveying that we’re not pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, worthy enough – the list of flaws goes on and on.

When we feel this coolness, aloofness or distance from a man, our tendency is to immediately overcompensate for it.

We start feeling like we’ve got to show him what a catch we are by over giving, over-functioning, embellishing, adorning, showcasing, etc.

He feels this and it completely turns him off even more. We then are left wondering what happened?

We tried so hard. Why isn’t our best good enough?

Three Ways Activating Your Magnetic Sensitivity Pulls Him In

  1. As we start making the connection that we’re working way too hard to prove ourselves, we stop the cycle that leads to feeling rejected or having men pull away in the first place!

This starts with connecting with ourselves first and what it is we’re feeling.

Why do we want to tell him about our day?

What deeper space within us is this coming from?

If we turn inwards and see that we’re wanting to take action from a space of trying to make something happen, make it different than the way it is, earn his approval, or seek his validation, then we stop ourselves from taking action from this space, and instead connect to what it is we’re needing first.

We pause, back away, and take steps to meet the needs within ourselves so that when we are in communication with him, it’s from a space of feeling beautiful, empowered, and from a place of wholeness within us.

  1. Connecting to your innate magnetic sensitivity aligns you with a new clarity and precision to what you want.

If we’re trying to prove ourselves, earn love, or feel unaccepted or unloved if we fully be ourselves, we then attract men that aren’t in alignment with who we truly are and what we want.

We never feel fully safe or in sync because we’re building a relationship off of what we think we should be rather than who we truly are.

This feeling of lack continues to show up and lead in all of our interactions and opportunities.

It can be a subtle yet an undeniable energy he feels. When we connect to our magnetic sensitivity, we’re simply allowing our natural self to radiate.

We’re conveying an energy of loving and accepting who we are, so why wouldn’t he? As we shift into truly embodying this mindset, everything starts to shift and we give off a totally different “vibe.”

  1. It allows us to be in touch with our emotions on a much deeper level.

When a woman is in her body and in touch with what she’s feeling, this triggers him to connect more deeply too.

If she’s in her head thinking about what to say next, what may make him laugh, or trying to impress him, he can’t connect.

It’s when she’s in her body, honoring herself, and enjoying her world that HE can choose to be a part of, where he’s inspired to step up and give in a powerful way! Men fall in love when they are giving, so when they’re with a woman who is ready to receive with joy and delight by simply expressing what she’s feeling, the warrior instincts within him are ignited leading him to step up and honor a woman powerfully.

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