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In the Attract Him Forever group coaching program you will learn how to access your deeper self and embody your innate magnetic sensitivity to effortlessly attract or re-attract a high quality masculine man. Learn how to deepen your feminine energy and the heart-centered communication skills necessary to draw in a high-quality masculine energy man forever! This program and the skills taught in this four week course apply to all stages of love whether it’s in dating, a relationship, or marriage.

Join the Attract Him Forever Fast Track Program now
and in just 4 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • How to create new habits and embody your natural magnetism, so you’ll be more than enough for him to put YOU on a pedestal.
  • How to deal with “touchy subjects” by approaching them with your feminine energy and change conflict to deep connection, inspiring him to be a better man.
  • How to get out of your head and feel carefree and effortless around men you’re attracted to - so they are naturally attracted to you.
  • How to inspire him to want you madly by connecting to your feminine energy, letting him feel like a man again when he’s around you.
  • How to reconnect to those deep “rejected” parts of yourself to draw in or reinvigorate a high quality man - to inspire his devotion and adoration on an entirely new level.
  • How to manage anger, resentment, and triggers that cause disconnection by healing your “core wound” that activates that cycle.
  • How to align your desire with your beliefs to change your “love menu” and draw in the type of man you really want.

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This course gave me much more than I even knew I needed! Jen has a way of blending mindfulness and spirituality in a way that feels very true.

This course helped me reconnect to feeling beauty and magic in the world, while also being grounded and aligned in order to bring in what I most desire.

Highly, highly recommend!
~ Lauren, San Diego

Each week we cover the core principles for growing or rebuilding your true feminine self.

You’ll learn skills and tools to reconnect to your feminine energy and rediscover how magnetic and powerful you truly are.

Week 1: Control the Frame

  • How to be a the high value woman you know you can be.
  • How to embody the qualities you want to attract within yourself - like attracts like!
  • How to (re)connect with a man you desire without losing yourself in the process.
  • How to avoid compromising (despite what your instincts tell you.)

Week 2: Inside and Thrive

  • How to heal your “core wound” responsible for disconnection and feeling “less than” with men.
  • How to control the parts of yourself that activate negative responses in a man.
  • How to break free from old patterning and build the relationship you long for.

Week 3: Talking Out Loud

  • How to communicate with a man in a way he can hear.
  • How the art of heart centered communication will transform your love life.
  • How to connect and express what you’re feeling in real time, so that he feels more connected to himself and who he truly is when he’s around you.

Week 4: Functioning in the Feminine

  • How to expand your feminine energy.
  • How to use that energy to create polarity between you and a high quality, masculine man.
  • How you can inspire your man to be better and ignite his hero’s instinct.
  • When you join now you get instant access to your first worksheet to get you ready for week 1.

Each week is released in the members area on a Sunday and you can conveniently play that week’s prep videos right in your browser.

And each week we have our Zoom call  on Tuesday at noon EST and go through that week’s principles and practice, plus answer your questions to help clarify and guide you on your journey to Attract Him Forever.


Joining Jen’s AHF group program was life changing for me. I learned how to regain control of my emotions and handle my triggers and insecurities with men. The program was such a great learning experience about the differences between men and women as well as an opportunity to truly learn about myself. I found the experience incredibly Freeing. My confidence reemerged and I feel stronger. If you need help understanding the differences between masculine and feminine energies, I highly recommend the attract him forever program. The added bonus is that you meet other woman going through similar situations and realize you’re never alone in this journey. I couldn’t recommend this program more.
~ Bridget, Boston MA


Join private facebook group where you can get direct guidance from Jen.

Supercharge your 4 weeks with the Purpose and Aligned Action Worksheet, the Learning How To Be A High Value Woman Guide, the Setting Boundaries and Core Values Notesheet, and the Developing Intimacy and Intelligence Guide.

You also get access to a recording of each Zoom meeting, right in your members area so you can re-watch at any time (usually available by Thursday.)

And each week’s pre-recorded videos also come with an audio only version you can play in your browser plus, a downloadable audio version you can transfer to your phone or other device and listen at your convenience without needing an internet connection.

I discovered Jen Michelle on Youtube at the end of summer on YouTube , while I tried to navigate a relationship with a guy that I was crazy about. After watching a few videos, I knew I needed her guidance. Joining her "Attract Him Forever" program has helped me learn more about the male perspective. It also helped to meet and connect with other women who could relate. Jen truly helps to bring the most feminine parts of yourself to the surface and to feel powerful. I would recommend her to any friend! ~ Courtney, Miami FL


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Four Week Fast Track


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