Attract Him Forever

Group Coaching Program

Join us in this eight week self study + live weekly call + private Facebook community!

As part of my breakthrough Attract Him Forever group coaching program, you’ll find yourself discovering what it feels like to be deeply cherished by a man - maybe for the first time. You learn how to naturally attract that masculine man who loves you... who is devoted to you... yearning for a deeper, more intimate connection with YOU, that one special woman in his life.

Attraction is one thing, however I’m sure you’ll agree keeping those initial passions alive is quite another. That’s why you’ll also learn relationship skills necessary to INCREASE his attraction, not just maintain it. Skills that inspire the man in your life to open up more, connect, converse... expressing himself fully with you in the moment.

Maintaining that kind of connection does require time and effort, and that’s why you’ll also take on habits, patterns and behaviors inspiring love, attraction and connection in the fullest way possible with the man in your life.

Maybe best of all, you’ll make changes in yourself to not only learn but heal from past relationship trauma, allowing you to love, laugh and live again. To put the past behind you and move forward in life as the confident, magnetic woman you are.


Join Us In This Eight-Week Self Study + Live Call


Attract Him Forever


  • You find yourself in a committed relationship. Whether you want to get married or not is always up to you, but you enjoy the romance... the intimacy... and the deep connection with a man.
  • You feel a deeper ease in life, able to experience more joy, happiness and freedom
  • YOU’RE IN LOVE, maybe for the first time in a long time...
  • You feel secure in who you are, comfortable in your own skin, in a way you’ve maybe never felt before...
  • You’re more mindful. You take life a bit slower, able to enjoy the smaller things in life...
  • You have control over your emotions. You have the presence of mind to focus on the positive, even when bad stuff happens from time to time...
    You make better decisions. You trust yourself more...
  • You’re able to receive love. As well as give it. You sincerely believe you are worthy of love
  • Your beliefs align with your desires. Your heart is open and ready to connect at a deeper more profound level

Weekly Call + Private Facebook Community!
Starts June 24th - Limited Seats
Reserve Your Seat Now
(Tuesdays at noon EST)

For the woman who is struggling finding love, attraction, intimacy, even in an established relationship, the Attract Him Forever is a perfect fit.

1. You realize that love doesn’t have to be hard, and that it can actually be easy...
2. For the price of a day at a spa, you can be part of a group of like-minded women and receive group coaching 3. You learn skills that will last a lifetime. You see the futility of going back to the old way of doing things. 4. Life becomes fun again. You’re less intense and you realize life doesn’t have to be so darn serious.
5. You learn how to play again. You appreciate the simple things and the joy of just being.
6. Despite what we’re taught, you don’t have to spend years in therapy to make a big impact on the quality of
your life

And what happens if you don’t enroll in the Attract Him Forever group coaching program?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Your love life doesn’t change. Your confidence doesn’t change. Your self-image doesn’t change.
Listen, you don’t want to waste another Christmas... another Valentine’s Day... another year without taking action when it comes to your love life...
Let’s face it. Intuitively, you realize there must be another way. You don’t want to ignore that voice anymore. It’s too important.
You don’t want to worry about what personal qualities you’re missing out on that other women seem to have. Such as being carefree... effortlessly sexy... and knowing her value.
You don’t want to watch another sunset alone... you don’t want to watch other people’s dreams come true, while not honoring your own.
Most importantly, you don’t want to look back on your life with regret.
I encourage you to enroll now while seats are available. Space is limited allowing for a more personal, more intimate experience.
Go for it!


Attract Him Forever

Group Coaching Program

The best part is you are able to maintain that level of attraction and desire through the beginning Stages of Euphoria, the romantic Coupling Stage, the Wholehearted Love Stage and yes, even through the inevitable Crisis Stage.

You see, fanning the spark of attraction into a California wildfire is usually straightforward. A smile at the right time. A bit of flirty conversation. That special outfit.

The truth is human chemistry does a lot of work for you.

But it takes knowledge, time and effort to have your attraction transform into something meaningful and enduring - where you are cherished... where there’s mutual devotion... where there’s a deeper yearning to connect and bond.

In my Attract Him Forever group coaching program, women from all walks of life discover for themselves how to use their intuition to navigate the sometimes tricky twists and turns of a long term committed relationship.

So the question is HOW DO YOU keep the magic of attraction alive in a relationship?...


This course gave me much more than I even knew I needed! Jen has a way of blending mindfulness and spirituality in a way that feels very true.

This course helped me reconnect to feeling beauty and magic in the world, while also being grounded and aligned in order to bring in what I most desire.

Highly, highly recommend! ~ Lauren, San Diego

Section 2: Attraction Skills

It’s all about the development of essential ATTRACTION SKILLS.

Yes, the ability to keep attraction alive over time DOES require skill.
However, these are skills you can easily learn, develop and master - ESPECIALLY inside the safe space we’ll create together as part of the Attract Him Forever group coaching program.

What are the skills?

  • First, you’ll learn initial attraction skills and tactics to attract the man you want. (If you already have a man in your life, even better. These skills will be just as effective re-engaging him.)
  • Next, you’ll learn how to effectively inspire your man to feel what's in his own masculine heart. As we all know, men struggle connecting with their feelings and emotions. He needs some help and encouragement. You both benefit.
  • Finally, (and this is where it gets really exciting,) you’ll learn how to become fully self-expressed as a woman as he connects with you as a man who deeply desires you. Decades of societal programming can leave their mark. This is how to break free.

Armed with core attraction skills like these, you and your man go from the euphoric highs of infatuation in each others’ arms into what it means to experience true intimacy, passion and devotion.

But there’s so much more...


Joining Jen’s AHF group program was life changing for me. I learned how to regain control of my emotions and handle my triggers and insecurities with men. The program was such a great learning experience about the differences between men and women as well as an opportunity to truly learn about myself. I found the experience incredibly Freeing. My confidence reemerged and I feel stronger. If you need help understanding the differences between masculine and feminine energies, I highly recommend the attract him forever program. The added bonus is that you meet other woman going through similar situations and realize you’re never alone in this journey. I couldn’t recommend this program more.
~ Bridget, Boston MA

Section 3: Transformation

It gets even better. You’ll also learn to recognize...

  • The common denominator of committed relationships (it isn’t just love or even some other feeling. Why? Because feelings can fade over time)...
  • Counter-intuitive relationship patterns that inspire love and connection in the fullest way possible with a man...
  • Specific behaviors that create a sacred space where love can be expressed without reservation or hesitation.

Then, you’ll be encouraged to make changes in yourself so that you can experience the magic of attraction... forever.

It’s quite a transformation.

But candidly, something might inhibit you from making these welcomed changes. What could it be?

Section 4: Healing

You might have something in your past that requires some healing.

It could be a traumatic childhood experience. Or it could be a past relationship. Or maybe a difficult divorce.

This is where the power of the group has its biggest impact. And it’s something every woman should experience.

There’s often a cathartic release that happens in my Attract Him Forever group coaching program.

We have an online group where we can communicate, share and celebrate.

We consider it a private, sacred space where we can be honest, vulnerable and support each other. This is the place you can do that.
The stories are incredible.

Your heart begins to open up again and you begin to see possibility beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s an uplifting, healing experience.

This healing allows you to embrace the principles, taking full advantage of the program, putting them into action in your life.

So no matter whether you want a new man in your life... or you want to reignite an old relationship... or you want to take your current relationship to the next level...

If I have my way, your life will never be the same again.


I discovered Jen Michelle at the end of summer on YouTube, while I tried to navigate a relationship with a guy that I was crazy about. After watching a few videos, I knew I needed her guidance. Joining her "Attract Him Forever" program has helped me learn more about the male perspective. It also helped to meet and connect with other women who could relate. Jen truly helps to bring the most feminine parts of yourself to the surface and to feel powerful. I would recommend her to any friend!
~ Courtney, Miami FL

Weekly Call + Private Facebook Community!
Starts June 24th - Limited Seats
Reserve Your Seat Now
(Tuesdays at noon EST)


Relationships don’t come with an owner’s manual.

Many women struggle needlessly, perhaps for decades, trying to apply their professional skills to romantic relationships, expecting to get the same results in love.

The strategy rarely works.

That’s why, as part of the Attract Him Forever Group Coaching Program, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 surprising things men NEED to fall in love with you (plus multiple ways to increase your feminineenergy...)
  • If you’re feeling some distance between you, or you’re being fed “attention crumbs” just enough to keep you around, how to get him interested again--quickly...
  • Elevating Them to a Rock Star: Men can feel if we’re putting them on a pedestal. Here’s how to take them off it, without bruising their egos...
  • Simple ways to inspire a man to want to spend more time with you...
  • How to stop obsessing over a man and finally take control over the one person you CAN control... yourself...
  • What to do if you feel like you’re putting your life on hold for him...
  • A woman’s guide to being IRRESISTIBLE to a man...
  • 3 Ways your relationship can thrive with an “avoidant attachment” partner so you can finally stop feeling abandoned...
  • How to be less emotionally dependent on him, so that you connect to your natural secure attachment style...
  • The real reason why men pull away...
  • How to increase self-love and why it’s essential to finding true love with him... (If you don’t have self-love you’ll take less than what you deserve and if you do have self-love, you attract a higher quality man...)
  • How to use “magnetic sensitivity” (your most sensitive qualities and characteristics that you’ve been covering up,) to attract men, find love, and love yourself again...
  • What to do when he says “I need space” or “I’m confused” and not feel abandoned or think the worst...
  • Why it’s totally ok to receive attention, love, affection and need help from a man (contrary to everything we’ve been taught since our childhood)...
  • How to create “a forever bond” and feel connected with him over a lifetime...
  • How to attract a man without having to change who you are...
  • Three ways to deepen, enhance and strengthen your most sacred qualities, that I love to call a woman’s “magnetic sensitivity”...
  • Words and phrases you can use to pull him close, so that he can really hear what you are trying to say...
  • How to stop worrying about being enough for someone...
  • How to stop being insecure and develop a healthy self-confidence that men find super attractive...
  • How to connect to a man’s heart (Powerful ways to create love and connection)...
  • How softening your heart will transform your love life and attract high quality men...
  • How to finally stop emotional eating and other negative habits that don’t align with what you really want...
  • How to manage your anxious attachment that can often get in the way of finding and keeping love flowing...
  • How to tap into your feminine intuition when you’ve become resigned, hopeless, discouraged, feeling like love will never come...
  • How to have a hard conversation with your partner, have this create more intimacy rather than feeling disconnected and further apart...
  • Discover the revealing answer to “Why am I attracted to emotionally unavailable men?” and learn what to do to overcome this subconscious pattern...
  • And so much more!

    Weekly Call + Private Facebook Community!
    Starts June 24th - Limited Seats
    Reserve Your Seat Now
    (Tuesdays at noon EST)


    IN THE

    Attract Him Forever

    Group Coaching Program You'll receive:


    • Increasing self-confidence
    • Loving yourself again (and why it’s essential to finding or reconnecting with love)
    • Rediscovering your intuition
    • Inner child healing
    • Boundaries (this is a big one and they’re critical to having the love you desire)
    • Ways to expand your feminine energy
    • Enhancing your intimacy intelligence
    • And so much more...


    • You get exclusive content and videos from me
    • Become part of a community of like-minded women, sharing personal breakthroughs, stories and
      occasional heartaches
    • There’s an alumni group available for graduates of Attract Him Forever.


    You suddenly find yourself effortlessly beginning to attract what you want as a woman

    "Jen, I listened to the meditations early this morning. They were so powerful. The last one especially had me releasing some tears. I feel much calmer and more settled. Thank you!"


    • Ask me anything
    • Receive personal LIVE coaching to support you developing the skills shared in the weekly modules


    • Mindfulness exercises ground and balance you to make really good choices in life
    • Journal prompts that access the subconscious mind and quiet the logical dominant side of your brain
    • My personal practices
    • Visualizations that empower you and inspire you to see what’s truly possible for you
    • Decision-making strategies to increase the quality of your life and men
    • Personal energy management so that you stay grounded, focused and don’t overwhelm a man when you’re communicating

    Join Us In This Eight-Week Self Study + Live
    Weekly Call + Private Facebook community!
    Starts June 24th - Limited Seats
    Reserve Your Seat Now
    (Tuesdays at noon EST)


    Group Coaching Program

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