Awaken Through Surrender Group

For many years of my healing journey, I went about it solo. I didn't understand that so much of supporting my own love and personal healing was about connecting with women on a deeper level. As I began to realize our relationships with men relate to the level of safety and healing we embody in life as a whole, I began to lean into my own resistance and said yes to guiding groups of women. In saying yes to this, I felt a massive collective healing occur within each of us. I learned that as we show up authentically and vulnerably to our hopes, dreams, and desires we together begin to weave and embrace the truth of who we are. I witnessed my own heart and the hearts of women open through a shared willingness, opennesss, and compassion. I am inspired each and every day by the women I serve in my spaces who are breaking patterns and redefining what they believe to be possible in their lives.

This is why I created my Awaken Through Surrender Group.
In this community we learn how to receive and experience living a beautiful life, we learn how to thrive in love, and release survival mechanisms so we can relax into the truth of who we are.

I invite you to let go of a life that feels heavy, forced, or stressed.

I invite you to help you create a life that feels light, aligned, and open to receive all the abundance and possibility that is available to all of us.

My name is Jen

I'm a love and relationship coach that has helped women rediscover and reconnect to themselves so they can magnetize a life filled with love, intimacy, abundance, and adventure.
By tapping into and trusting your intuitive guidance system, meaning the nudges, urges, and impulses to attract the people and things you desire for your life. To release the demands and fears of the ego, and to be guided by the soul. When we learn how to soften and open our hearts, the rest takes care of itself. As we release trying to make something happen based off of holding onto energetics of scarcity or fear, we allow ourselves to open up and soften in to being able to actually receive what's meant for us.


A little bit about me:

I live in Florida and am typically found outdoors in my free time with my two boys, husband, and yorkshire terrier, Betty. My favorite things in life outside of my family are practicing yoga and a daily walk in nature.

My educational background is as a licensed clinical social worker where I mainly supported men. I now focus on supporting women in creating the relationship and life of their dreams. I learned a lot about men during my time working with men and really hold a deep respect for the masculine. I've learned that when we rediscover who we truly are and honor it through deep surrender, the magic available to us in life begins to flow and come online in extraordinary ways.

My clients say my work is grounding yet whimsical. I believe your dreams and desires are there for a reason and should be met with deep reverence and honor. They're in your life to guide you to walk your most joyful path.

"Your energy is everything and as you rediscover it, you will be utterly amazed at what you begin to draw in as it relates to love, relationships, abundance, and purpose. Your life can flow when you're aligned with who you naturally are." - Jen Michelle

What you should know about me:

  • I used to have no understanding at all of who I was and what I wanted in life.
  • I sought happiness for YEARS of my life externally until my marriage started to break down 15 years ago.
  • I used to be very buttoned up with a harder shell. I was a perfectionist hiding behind many masks. I now practice honoring who I am no matter how messy it is, and embracing the uncertainty of life. I meet others openly, authentically, and with an open heart.

I used to be terrified of telling the truth and being vulnerable. Now it's my natural way of living. I'm a work in progress too and have learned that humility and willingness are our best teachers. As we learn to create the safety to open and get the ego out of the way, we begin to receive and experience a beautiful life.

Life mirrors back to us our beliefs and what we think is possible.

The Awaken Through Surrender group will help you:

  • Create or recreate the love and connection you desire in partnership.
  • Heal your insecure attachment and stop it from taking the lead in love, intimacy, and life as a whole
  • Deepen access to your feminine energy to RECEIVE what is meant for you in this life.
  • Inner Child healing to nurture the most important relationship you'll ever have in your life, the one you have with yourself!
  • Regulate your nervous system so you have tools and ways of supporting yourself regardless of what life throws your way!
  • Expansion and manifestation techniques that will support you in making your dreams a reality!
  • To stop hiding and playing small, let your innate gifts and light shine!
  • Healing codependency and people pleasing tendencies
  • Learn to set clear boundaries so you are making your needs the highest priority (No, this is not selfish).
  • Decrease anxiety and get rid of the endless mind track of worry.
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Upleveling your internal programming so that you aren't subconsciously sabotaging any area of your life.
  • Toolsand inspiration to be the absolute best version of yourself
  • Release the persona of who you need to be for others and instead invite your true self to radiate
  • Connect to the frequency of gratitude and how shifting our mind in this way changes literally everything
  • Rewrite your story of self doubt to confident and empowered

What you'll receive:

Video teachings/posts daily in private and hidden Facebook group as well as:

  • Customized meditations
  • A beautiful supportive community of like minded women
  • A live Q&A twice monthly with me plus guest speakers.
  • Access to my private members only Vimeo library filled with over 30 hours of content from previous call recordings and meditations.

What you'll receive

Customized support

  • Workbooks
  • Resources
  • A beautiful supportive community of like minded women
  • A live Q&A twice monthly with me plus guest speakers.

Access to my private members only Vimeo library filled with over 30 hours of content from previous call recordings and meditations.


The Awaken through surrender group is $97 per month (three month commitment,) or $350 for 6 months ($58.30 per month)

To apply to join the group, please fill in the information below. I will review your application and be in touch within 24 hours.