Breakthrough Your Patterns & Understand Attachment Theory

My Program will support you in your healing no matter what stage of love you’re in.

Did you know many women struggle with love because of the relationship they had with their parents?

In psychology, this is called “attachment theory”. An attachment often gets in the way and even sabotages your ability to create deep, lasting, meaningful relationships with a partner.

For instance, do you ever find during arguments, your entire body gets completely charged? Like you go from calm and centered to completely desperate and abandoned in just a few seconds?

You may even lose yourself in the conflict, or are willing to compromise all of your values, because you feel threatened or unsafe.

In situations like these, without a “love bond” between you and your partner, you can easily get lost in your attachment patterns, wounds and story.

You Can Create A Love Bond
With Him

My Breakthrough Your Patterns & Understanding Attachment Theory will support you in your healing no matter what stage of love you’re in.

Attachment theory principles teach that your early experiences in childhood repeat themselves in your adult relationships by how you interact and what you expect from a partner. It is at the subconscious core of who you are as a human being.

The coping mechanisms you created as a child were useful at one time. However, if you think about it, they may no longer serve you.

When you start understanding a man’s attachment style as well as your own in dating and relationships, it will allow you to forever break the cycle. You start making authentic and powerful changes when previously you felt only frustration or hopelessness.

As you learn more about yourself and the type of men you attract, you begin to heal the parts of yourself that are cutting you off or blocking you from the love you truly know deep down is possible.

The Breakthrough Your Patterns & Understand Attachment Theory Program is such a beautiful introduction to Jen’s work. I loved the insightfulness around the ways in which we can all get stuck, how to get better and faster at catching this, and how to inspire change. I love that I always have access to this program to return to.

This is truly such a wonderful resource to help guide and support me in being my best in love and in life.”
Lauren San Diego


This program will help you if:

  • You find your relationship caught in the same patterns and cycles over and over again.
  • You attract men that are emotionally unavailable, stuck in their wounded energy, or feel like you’re always getting mixed signals.
  • You find yourself getting pulled into his insecure attachment style.
  • You find that you don’t know how to turn things around when you get caught in triggers or old narratives.

This program will also show you how to turn his attachment style around through your feminine energy and natural magnetism.


This program includes a 60 minute video and manual covering:

  • How to recognize if he has intimacy issues, wounded masculine and feminine energies, what it looks like and how it shows up
  • Identifying your attachment style and a man’s attachment style
  • How to not get pulled into his attachment style
  • How to turn his attachment style around How to stay in your feminine throughout any challenge
  • How you can turn him around in his empowered masculine
  • How to create a love bond with him and be the end of his hero's journey

You Can Create
A Love Bond With Him
This course will teach you how to reconnect to the truth of who you are.

Breakthrough Your Patterns & Understand Attachment Theory will teach you how to embody the woman that already knows she’s enough, abundant, and deserving. It’s simply a matter of accessing her and bringing her to the surface.

The outcome of you going through what I share can create a breakthrough between him and you. Based upon the experience of others, it has the power to transform your relationship not just between you and him, but between you and yourself.

It’s the most powerful, life transforming work you’ll ever do.

Breakthrough Your Patterns & Understand Attachment Theory will also teach you how to inspire a man to fix his own patterns that are deeply rooted in an insecure attachment. If he’s struggling relating and communicating with you, this could be the opportunity to create the relationship you’ve always wanted with him, but just didn’t know how.

As you learn how to heal your own wounds, you’ll create the absolute best opportunity for him to do the same.

It all starts with learning how to give yourself now what you so desperately needed when you were a child.

Breakthrough Your Patterns & Understand Attachment Theory is one of the most insightful courses I’ve created. You owe it to yourself (and him) to address your attachment challenges. In the process, you’ll create that connection with him you’ve always wanted.

Breakthrough Your Patterns
& Understand Attachment Theory

Only $47

Program includes PDF Guide, PDF worksheet, and video guide.

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