The ability to move forward with elegance and refinement along the way.

The ability to move past a situation, a mistake, or a regret, with a willingness to grow, and open up to a different way of doing things the next time without hating ourselves for it.

Trusting that we don’t have only one chance for happiness, and the right opportunities will still be there after we fall and pick ourselves back up.

Grace is allowing feelings of imbalance so we can find where we want our own unique “balance” to truly be and mean for our lives.

As women, we really don’t allow ourselves a lot of grace.

When we make a mistake, we beat up on ourselves, and put ourselves through the wringer for not being or doing things perfectly.

We tell ourselves that we missed the opportunity, we did it wrong, or there’s not going to be another chance.

\When we allow grace in, we learn how to treat ourselves with more compassion.

We start to realize that forgiveness starts with ourselves, that sometimes we have to make the mistake to grow past it, and that life is always presenting another chance if we’re willing to see it.

Where can you give yourself some grace today?

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Jen Michelle 

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