Building Self Trust

Society tries to dictate who we need to be in order to be accepted, desired, and loved. 

When you know and love yourself though, you will have a deep self trust that will allow you to feel safe choosing what is right for you, even when it goes against others opinions. 

You will feel confident in making yourself a priority which is very attractive because you’re not willing to alter who you are in order to be loved or accepted by someone who isn’t comfortable with your authenticity.

I see the opposite of this often when women are enthralled or find a man that exudes all of the qualities they’re looking for. 

They start to get into their head and put pressure on themselves not to mess it up!

This can happen not only in dating, but in long term relationships too if the dynamics change, he’s pulling away, or if we’re not feeling great about ourselves. 

It’s when you let the fear of messing it up lead that you tip the scale towards self doubt rather than trusting yourself and remembering that you’re enough.

This self doubt can easily put you in your head trying to control which causes a man to be unable to feel you through his heart.

This is where love develops, thrives, and inspires him. 

Three Indicators Of Self Trust

  1. You Know How To Make Choices Confidently And Without Others Buying In. 

This means you know how to honor what feels right for you even when others disagree or don’t understand.

You don’t go back and forth and round and round in your decision making,  rather embrace your desires, dreams, and choices fully. If someone doesn’t get it or approve, you’re okay with that. 

You have learned how to listen to your intuition and your heart versus turning to others that don’t walk in your shoes. 

This is a practice as you’re a human after all! 

This is an opportunity to filter others thoughts and opinions, turn inward, and decide what is right and best for you. 

2. You Know How To Nourish And Care For Yourself

You have different interests and are open to expanding your world and passions. 

You’re not afraid to try new things and let others see you make a mistake.

You don’t hide who you are under the veil of perfectionism and feel safe in allowing others to see your flaws. 

 You don’t alter or change your plans for another person, rather stay true to who you are and the life you’ve created for yourself. 

This last point leads me to speak to a question I receive often: 

What if he only asks to do something last minute? Do I change my plans, or go along if I don’t have any? 

My answer to this is that “plans” can mean anything from dinner with friends, a yoga class, or curling up to read a great book with a cup of tea on your couch!

I believe on occasion this is okay in a relationship, but generally it ‘s going to feel best to have our time respected and say yes to anything from a space of abundance rather than lack. 

3. You have boundaries

You don’t lose who you are at the expense of over accommodating or pleasing others.

You’re not afraid to respectfully ruffle some feathers if it’s necessary to honor yourself.

Trusting yourself leads to a happier and more fulfilling life in all areas!

 You trade in fear, low self worth, anxiety, and hopelessness for courage, empowerment, purpose, and true confidence. 

Having boundaries equals confidence and confidence equals attraction! 

Boundaries are a practice, and stating them in as few words as possible will always serve you well in standing in your truth. 

If I can support you in this area or in others as it relates to any stage of love or life, I invite you to book an introductory call with me here! My calendar is now open for next week.

I would love to help you get clarity and ease regarding your specific situation and support you in a plan on how to move forward. 



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