Business Mentorship

Empowering Soul-led Female Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (Or Those That Want To Be)

One-on-One 60-Minute
Mentorship Calls Via Zoom

Let me help you find your voice and strengthen it to communicate authentically, thoughtfully, and from your heart so you can reach the clients that you can be of service to.

I am thrilled you are here and that you are feeling the call to create a life and business that lights you up from the inside out.

Creating a soul-led business is deeply intimate and something that pushes one to their personal edge again and again. I know because I’ve done this with building my own successful coaching practice.

I believe this is what is required of us to create something that we’re passionate about and hold so close to the heart. For this reason, I keep spots limited so I can hold the space for you to create, build, and put your dream into motion.

I’m Jen and I am a life and relationship coach with years of experience in helping women awaken to their personal power.

1. Intuitiveness:

Ever since I started coaching people, women have told me I have a gift. I’m able to sense all the ways clients are hiding.

I feel the underlying fear that seeps into their business and language.

I see where they are leading from a “supposed to” frame of mind or leading from a fear of what other people think.

In other words, I encourage women to claim the truth of what lives in their soul.

Maybe more importantly, I don’t just have the intuition, I have the business experience to know what to do to help them.

2. Releasing Attachment:

I have a firm belief (especially in the beginning,) looking for cues about how your business should look and operate... what clients you should be pursuing... what you should be posting on IG... are inauthentic and a waste of energy.

Instead, your business is about you and the unique value no one else can bring to the party. It’s like if you’re a yoga teacher, you know the same poses as every other teacher. However, why is it that one yoga teacher can be more popular with their students than the other teachers?

It’s the value they bring, whether it’s their personality, or their knowledge or their understanding of yoga, or consciousness they hold about their practice.

3. Trusting Yourself

I believe trusting yourself is one of the keys to business success. Why? Without trust, you’ll never feel safe inside of yourself to use your voice.

When I began my path of self discovery I knew that I wanted to share all that I was beginning to remember and learn along the way. I realized I had been denying my own inner voice for years and had been playing small in my life for far too long. I had let my fears and insecurities hold me back from a life I yearned for deep inside. I had a deep fear of putting myself out there and truly being seen in the ways necessary to expand and grow.

It takes tremendous courage to find our voice and speak our truth to the world. Yet if you are here reading this, it means you are feeling the call and stepping forward in honoring the divine spark that lives within you!

I support women who are learning to shine their light through creating and growing a soul-led business. I am not a coach for everyone, and I will always be honest about who I’m a good fit to support. Most of my clients' businesses are in the areas of coaching, healing arts, somatic and embodiment teachings, mindfulness, or health and wellness teachers.

I am deeply intuitive when it comes to supporting my clients in obtaining clarity and alignment in all areas, yet this includes a vision of what they want to create and refine in their business, who they want to be of service to, what their offerings are, and the pillars that guide their mission.

Ways I can support you:

  • Helping you covering and fostering your truest, most authentic voice
  • Being a sounding board you can bounce ideas off of Clarity around where you are right now and the new phase you are entering
  • Gut checks (Learn to connect with the intuitiveness and wisdom of your body)
  • Setting clear intentions for the future (that align with your purpose and values)
  • Getting your ideas down on paper (because magic happens when you start to write things down)
  • Razor sharp clarity around who you want to be of service to, what you can offer them and how you want to structure your offerings
  • Time and project management skill development so you can steadily build from a thoughtful, big picture, organized manner
  • Mindset coaching to help you move out of fear, scarcity, or limited thinking
  • Inspiring you to stay connected to your highest self (because building a business on fear, worry, scarcity and survival limits us)
  • Gentle yet firm accountability to help you make your dreams a reality
  • Personal Branding (Finding the unique aesthetics, feelings and voice that define your brand)
  • Content strategy & Social Media (We all love to share, but what fosters the strongest connection and where should we share it?)
  • Funnel systems (Helping you move people through the four stages of know, like, trust and buy)
  • Structures and supports to help you grow (because we can’t do it all alone)
  • Improving self-discipline and implementation of new habits to support you in being in flow as you grow