Channeling Your Feminine Wisdom with Jen

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In this prerecorded series, I break down some of the biggest differences between men and women, how you can change the patterns that are preventing you from attaining the love you want, and how to rediscover your innate magnetism.

You will receive a daily email from me including exclusive educational videos, resources, and exercises to offer you a solid path forward through my daily guidance and support for a full week!

In this offering you will:

  • Learn the fundamental differences between men and women and why this matters in love
  • Recognize where you’re energetically communicating from old wounds or from a lack mentality
  • Learn how to shift out of these patterns by accessing and communicating from your feminine energy
  • Learn how to stimulate deeper connection and to feel like home to a masculine man.
  • Learn how to crack his heart open by embodying your feminine energy
  • Learn how to live a life that’s deliberate and meaningful by being clear on what you value and what you want.
  • Learn how this inspires a man to pursue you and do anything it takes to claim you.

The program was tailored to give valuable and necessary information to women who are on a growth path and desire connection with a high quality man in a cost effective way.

Inspired by clients who shared how much they love having daily support from me!

The week of wisdom program is excellent! I learned so much and feel inspired to create the life and relationship I desire. I appreciate Jen's direct and honest advice during the videos where she shares her knowledge and true stories. I enjoyed the guided meditations too. I highly recommend this program!
Megan , LV Nevada 


How it works

Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email from me followed by a daily series of emails and resources. This will include exclusive pre recorded videos, exercises, and tools to guide you deeper into the love you want for a full seven days.

The content is over 90 MINUTES of incredible material tailored to supporting women in creating the intimacy, passion, and connection of their dreams.


Thank you Jen for this program! The week of wisdom offered me exactly what you named it- pure wisdom! I felt so supported and excited to get my daily email that was filled with incredible information to support me being in my feminine energy. I will be returning to this program again and again!

Gina NYC

What do I do next?

Perhaps you've seen my videos or listened to me before, and you want to get this part of your life handled, but you don't know what to do next.

That's why I created "Channeling Your Feminine Wisdom". It's for women who want a bit of "an immersion" with me.

Every day, for a full week, I share with you resources to help you create a new foundation for your love life- one that is rooted in authenticity and in embracing who you naturally are.

One day you may get an exclusive video from me which talks about how to create a deeper connection with men. The next day you may get a meditation from me helping you integrate your feminine energy, becoming more receptive, and opening up to the love you want.

In addition, I also share resources such as exercises, journal prompts and ways to support yourself during our week together.

Channeling Your Feminine Wisdom with Jen

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