Connecting To Your Divine Feminine Essence

Connecting to who we truly are under all the layers of what modern society and culture emphasize as important requires courage.

It requires a willingness to look within to see what is ours and where we’re operating under beliefs and programs that block our divine essence from being shared with the world. 

I created my upcoming group as a way to give women a blueprint for creating the type of relationship they want, built authentically from the inside out. 

It can be so easy to place our happiness on something external, something that lives outside of us.

We think if we just had the relationship, or if he would just be different in some way, that then we would be happy. 

This of course isn’t true because the line continues to move right along with us.

There is no finish line, yet this is a trap that leaves us feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and disempowered. 

In today’s newsletter I want to share four foundational components that I believe are necessary to connect to the true divine feminine essence of who we are. 

  1. Self Love

Self love is truly so incredibly important. It’s one of those words that in some ways has lost its meaning because we hear it so much! 

Creating the love we want starts with the love we hold for ourselves.

 I can’t tell you how often I see women who subtly reject themselves but don’t connect to why a man is mirroring this rejection right back to her. 

Self love is cultivated by making ourselves a priority. 

Many of us have been taught that this is selfish so we make ourselves the sacrificial lamb for others only to find resentment and anger mounting. 

Self love is about understanding yourself and what is necessary to be of the quality you know you’re capable of being.

 This requires practice and tools to turn inward and understand what we need to be the best version of ourselves.

Where can you give yourself permission to own what you need and let go of whether or not other people understand it?

2. Get To Know Your Boundaries

If we don’t have self love and confidence, we don’t have boundaries. 

Having boundaries especially with men we are attracted to requires having a good understanding of ourselves. 

I see so many women struggle to set boundaries because they’re not sure what their personal boundaries are within themselves! 

They may struggle with pleasing people, guilt,or not wanting to rock the boat. 

A man can energetically feel though when we’re putting his needs above our own and it won’t feel good to him. 

This is because it isn’t authentic and shows a lack of love and regard for oneself. 

 Yet when we understand our non negotiable needs and what we’re okay with and not, our boundary becomes clear. 

Once they become clear, we can’t deny them. 

It’s here that we love ourselves enough to hold space for what is okay for us and what isn’t. 

We can learn to communicate our boundaries lovingly, yet firmly, and honor ourselves. 

3. Understanding Our Inner Child

If we have an unruly inner child- which essentially means the will and the mind aren’t working harmoniously together, we can easily self sabotage. 

Our impulses will get the best of us.

 We will disregard timing, and seek to regulate our emotions outside of ourselves. 

This will never allow a man to feel safe around us or to feel free to fully choose us. 

When we understand our inner child, the emotional part of ourselves that needs our conscious attention, we develop self control, the ability to self soothe, and trust ourselves on a deeper level. 

This is also what allows intuition to open so that you are able to connect to what is going to serve you rather than react to triggers or raw emotions. 

You go from being at a whim to what’s happening around you, to being able to ground and take care of yourself in the moment.

This practice is life changing on so many levels, but will include transforming your connection with men.

4. Embodying Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is about the embodiment of a clear heart and a clear mind. 

It is an understanding that life isn’t meant to be lived in survival mode!

It can be all too easy to get stuck in survival mode, and the more we have going on- the easier it is to justify and rationalize a reason to stay in this state. 

Consider you can embody your feminine energy no matter what your circumstances are. 

Learning to truly understand who you are underneath the fearful and scarcity based tendencies will support you in revealing more fully who you truly are, allowing others to see and connect to you from this aligned space. 

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