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One of the biggest aspects of the work I do is around reconnecting a woman to her feminine energy.

What does that mean?
I wanted to break down how simply BEING the very person we want to attract will bring us the love we are deeply searching for. This is the very essence of feminine energy.

As many of you know I believe in the masculine feminine energy dynamics in their most authentic form.

What I mean by this is it has to come from a deeper place within us, not something to be used as a “technique” or strategy to get what we want.

That may work very short term- but if you’re looking for deep love and connection, this will not give it to you for the long haul!

There’s just no tricking energy.
What we put out energetically is what comes back to us.
We can say all the right things but if it’s not authentic, he’ll feel at a deeper level something isn’t right.

If we’re looking for that unconditional love and a soulful connection, we have to first go deeper by learning how to give the love we want to ourselves first, so we can attract it back to us in a partner.
If we’re using a strategy to subtly push or to get a result, it will “work” only very short term.
He’ll see that there’s no depth to it, it’s just words and it feels empty.
What happens then is that we’ll end up right back where we started.
He’ll notice that what we’re saying doesn’t match the energy he’s feeling.

Trust me, I have been there in my own relationship. I now can look back and see that I subconsciously tried for a year to avoid the deeper work.
As a result, I spent that time spinning my wheels before I “got it” and let go of needing to control.
I then finally allowed myself to feel vulnerable, and make the changes needed to heal my relationship.
Love and intimacy forces us to address the deepest parts within us that need healing.
There’s just no escaping that deeper inner work and avoiding our feelings.
How To Build The Love We Want From Within So Love Feels Joyful And Easy:

1. Examine How You’re Showing Up

Are you putting out there what you want to get back?

If we show up expecting the worst or expecting to be betrayed by a man, we’ll get just that!

If we show up short, irritated, and rushed, we attract that back too.

Instead, if we show up present to each opportunity that comes up, we stop letting our fearful impulses and instincts take over and lead us!
We create a new openness and softness to how we show up.

When we approach love from a place of being present and with the best of intentions, it changes everything.
We then feel lighter as we’re not carrying around any heavy weight on our shoulders.
Suddenly we’re attracting a new type of man, a man that has all the qualities we desire!
This applies to a relationship too, we’re suddenly inspiring the best in our partner and he’s showing up to the relationship in an entirely new way.
The feminine energy takes an energetic lead in such a magical way. 2. Rebuild Confidence And Self Worth From Within

As we learn to honor ourselves and hold our boundaries, we increase our confidence because we’re not letting others walk all over us.

It’s about learning to say no, and not being afraid of others reactions to that.

It’s also built by doing less of what we don’t want and more of what we do want.
Loving ourselves so we have the space to be loved and to receive all he has to give with joy and appreciation.

Have you ever seen a woman with these qualities?
Does anyone come to mind?
I know for me, I have a friend that is a yoga teacher, and she has such a sense of ease and flow in all of her interactions.
She is so present and open to everything, even complaints and awkward comments as students approach her after a class.

I realized one day while taking her class, I was actually expanding those qualities within myself.
I realized that as I kept doing things that made me feel good, I was growing my own ability to have a life with more ease and flow too.

She didn’t have some superpower, she just learned through practice to find what she needed from within, which radiated when you interacted with her.

Masculine energy men are extremely drawn to this, and simply can’t resist it.

3. Break Through Feelings Of Urgency With Compassion And Patience

If you feel rushed and allow yourself to react to feelings of urgency, life and love will feel like something we’re trying to get “through.” Allow yourself to recognize it, feel it, yet don’t act on it.

As you learn to control yourself with this new level of awareness you’ll notice how much patience and compassion comes back to you from men.

This is how we allow ourselves to be treated like a queen and put ourselves in a position to receive all he has to give.

Feminine energy is slow and sensual. It’s not in a rush.

When we let go of having to do or be anything other than just where we are, his energy follows.
It feels so magnetic and inspires him to cherish and crave time with you.

I am so confident I can help you attract the love you want and inspire him to show up in a way you never thought was possible.

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