Online Dating Profile Review and Rewrite

There are so many dating profiles
out there and let's face it,

how do you stand out?

How do you make your online dating profile stand out in a world where people think the next best thing is only a swipe away?

There are so many dating profiles out there and in our modern world, it seems that everyone's attention span is decreasing by the minute.

In my experience, most online dating profiles don't truly convey who we are or what lights us up. They don't capture our unique energy and essence. That's why when men see a typical dating profile, they don't FEEL anything.

The trick to building a profile that gets noticed is to make the man FEEL something for you. And you do that by expressing yourself from a deeper space and inviting him to FEEL something in his heart. When you share yourself authentically, this can be a complete game changer.

I've been told by my clients I have a gift in getting to the heart of the matter. I can help you convey (in 300 characters or less) who you are and what you want from a feminine and heartfelt space.

What I've learned through working with loads of women is that we get what we put into
something. If we're hiding in any way, we miss the opportunity to DRAW IN what's truly meant for us. Same is true in reverse, when we edit ourselves to be something we're not, we attract those who aren't in energetic alignment for us.

Here’s what to expect. When you say yes to this offer, you will hear back from me within one business day.

From there you will receive:

  • A full review of your existing profile and pictures
  • A 30-minute call to get to know you, support you in authentically representing yourself, and to gain a solid understanding of what you desire to draw in
  • A dating profile rewrite that will include a longer version of expressing who you are and what you want as well as a shorter version that you can apply to platforms where you are not able to go into as much detail Photo assessment and recommendations
  • Feedback from you on the rewrite and one time additional edits based off of that.

If you’re tired of hearing crickets, a profile refresher may be in order. Because of how time intensive rewrites are, slots are

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One-on-One 30-Minute

Online Dating Profile Review Via Zoom and 30 Minute Rewrite