Do You Really Know Your Worth?

Do You Really Know Your Worth

What better way to start off the New Year than a reminder that you are worthy of all you desire to draw in this year? 

Not after you lose the weight, get the job, declutter your house, or get a new car. Now.

While having a desire to improve and uplevel is a wonderful thing, we must balance this with a mindset that we are worthy in this life just as we are. I invite you to embrace being a beautiful work in progress this year. 

Creating and refining our mindset in this way starts with rediscovering the connection you hold within instead of looking outwardly to see if you have arrived.

Knowing, claiming, and trusting our inherent worth as women is cultivated from the inside out.  

How do we do this when it seems like it’s constantly in question? 

How do we feel worthy when it feels like there’s a shortage of good men, we feel behind, or hold a feeling of heaviness inside the body?

Despite what we hear all the time, there are many good and trustworthy men out there.

You are also right where you need to be as your path is uniquely yours.

Limiting beliefs, comparison, fear of missing out, and trauma of any kind are all ways that disconnect us from the worthiness we all hold within. 

When we hold limited or negative beliefs about ourselves, love or relationships, intimacy can bring up a lot of fear.

In order to avoid feeling fearful, we jump into action mode or masculine energy in an attempt to feel safe.

This leaves us feeling even more unworthy as we know deep deep down that we don’t have to earn love. That we ARE love and it’s about opening ourselves up enough to truly receive it. 

Today I want to focus on three ways you can reclaim and hold high self worth – not in an arrogant way, but in a way where you truly hold space for yourself with others, especially with a man you’re attracted to. 

When you can do this, the right man will see you in this way too. Knowing our worth starts on the inside and then takes deeper form on the outside. 

  1. Do You Hold Two Conflicting Beliefs?

Do you have a desire and then another voice that tells you all the reasons you can’t have it? 

A practice I share with my clients to connect more fully to their desires and release the noise of fear, is to go deep into the body to see where you’ve been holding this fear. Notice areas that are tight, constricted, or feel intimidating to explore inside of your body.

It is often in the lower chakras, the throat, or even the heart center.

Where have you avoided exploring what is feeling stuck or heavy within?

It’s here where we begin to open up space to release what we’ve been trying to avoid feeling, or have attempted to keep safely tucked away. Begin to send your breath to these areas very intentionally.

Give it your full focus, your full attention, moving fully into the body and turning the mind off. 

If you notice the ego kicks in with its stories around the sensation, it’s okay as the ego loves to  steer us differently when we show up in new and healthy ways.

This is what happens when we have healing to do and we want to welcome all of who we are.

As we do this we can then neutralize the fear through giving ourselves loving attention and presence.

We create safety in the body by staying present, resetting with breath, and quieting the mind. Your nervous system will shift, your ego will settle down, and you will release what no longer serves you by making this a consistent practice. 

2. Evening Rituals 

Before bed is the most powerful time to consciously create!

This is because our body is exiting the typical stressed state most people hold throughout the day, and we’re naturally being invited into a more susceptible, receptive state. 

I invite you to spend time in the evening each day to feel into what you want this year. This can look like meditation, journaling, or visualization. 

Feel into it as you create the details and embrace where you hold feelings of longing, yearning, or ache. 

Giving ourselves permission to feel into our desires rather than argue with ourselves about why they aren’t logically possible feels sooo much better!

Stay open to all possibilities and surrender needing to know “how.” 

I instead invite you to remember your purpose which is your WHY. Asking why is quite empowering, and asking how often leaves one feeling depleted and disempowered. I invite you to believe in the magic of hope and possibility again. 

3. Boundaries

Self worth and boundaries go hand in hand. Why? Boundaries are an act of self love.

It’s a way we communicate that we value ourselves and will prioritize our emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. 

The ability to recognize that we are deserving of this is the very definition of high self worth. 

As Brene Brown has so beautifully stated: “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.” 

This is the practice, and as you get more familiar with considering what’s best for you over if you’re going to disappoint another, you will grow in feeling worthy and deserving. 

You will feel safe in your own body, as you are taking care of the child within. She will feel that you’ve got back no matter what.

This will open you to truly feel worthy of what you want to draw into your life this year. 

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