Flow In Love And Stop Forcing It


Doesn’t it feel incredible when life feels effortless and it all just seems to flow and align in what feels serendipitous and beautiful? This is a powerful state to be in and a time that we’re able to truly receive the abundance of universal magic that is available to all of us.

Force is the state that feels anything but magical. This is the state where it all feels like an uphill battle. It can feel grueling, exhausting, and definitely the opposite of fun and effortless. Yet so many continue to go at it in their attempts to create from this state. When we take action from such a heavy space we tend to increase the emotions or the things in our lives that feel difficult or heavy. 

When tough emotions hit in my own life, that’s my cue to turn inward and experience all that I’m feeling. 

I am mindful to turn to the practices that ground me and offer me a sense of familiarity and calm. I don’t take action or attempt to fix anything when in this state. As hard as it can feel in the moment, I allow the mess to sit on the floor until I feel centered and clear on what feels like the best next step. 

This is what allows that alignment and FLOW to come in; this is the higher wisdom and guidance that is available to all of us when we remain open rather than letting inner child or ego take over! 

Below I’ll share three ways to allow life and love to flow and how to stop trying to force it.

1. Feel It In Your Body 

Most people don’t realize the level of resistance they hold around feeling their emotions. Most unconsciously allow the ego to take over and direct them outward in an attempt to relieve the emotional pressure or resistance building up inside. Feeling in your body means having a high level of self-accountability. It means to connect to the sensation and be present for it without the ego stepping in and applying a story to it. When we can show up for ourselves in this way, we increase our resiliency, we allow a higher wisdom to make its way in, and we create a self-accountability to call ourselves out for coping mechanisms and patterns that aren’t healthy and don’t serve our growth. 

 This isn’t always easy – especially if the emotional experience is intense! Our ego is so smart and wants to keep us safe. It’s here where we can begin to decide if what we want to do in a given moment is coming from the ego or the higher self. As we grow in our ability to approach life from a more loving and peaceful space, we will be able to settle the ego in such moments  so it doesn’t take over in ways that are overly dysfunctional or dramatic. 

2. Rest And Balance

Rest is necessary to release resistance and to quiet the mind. The more fast paced and stressed we are, the more challenging it will be to calm the mind. With practice and consistency, though, you’ll be successful in quieting the mind and opening up a higher level of communication, your intuition. Resistance is released, new possibilities enter. 

When we’re trying to change our life from a place of resistance or pain, though, the solutions tend to be more limited. If we’re able to accept and honor what is, it’s here in this surrender of not having all the answers that new doors begin to open.

I’ve had many clients have some of their most powerful intuitive hits regarding major life decisions show up in rest or when doing something they love. Canoes, beaches, backpacking trips, hikes, and meditation. When we can open ourselves up to this abundant wisdom we stop the endless rumination, pro/con lists, plus/minus, etc. 

3. Integration

Over time this becomes extremely natural and a practice that feels like “home.” You’ll notice when you’re out of whack and make little choices to lean into what will support you. The old me used to go into her head when upset or put it on another like a game of hot potato. As I learned how to be present for myself and see the emotional part of me needing love and reassurance, I now naturally turn in and soothe my inner child so she feels seen, safe, and supported. 

As a result of this integration, I trust myself. I trust that everything is working out for me and I can handle anything that comes my way. I’ve built the emotional tolerance and bandwidth to experience difficult sensations without the ego getting involved and assigning a wild story to it. If it does get involved I can see it and choose differently. I invite you to do the same! 

This is truly a practice and one that will change your life!

Remember that you are meant to be in your light, your joy, and your truth.

As you practice letting that part of you come out, it will become natural to honor it and hold this beautiful relationship with yourself sacred.

This will allow and support you in accessing all the flow and magic that’s available to each of us. 

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With Love,

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