Four Steps To A Beautiful Relationship


Having a beautiful relationship isn’t something that just magically happens.

This is something that is built over time consciously through awareness and through the consistent “deposits” we make in ourselves and our partner. 

Because we’re not taught that we have an active role in creating the kind of relationship we want, we often subconsciously just expect it to happen. 

This of course doesn’t typically lead to the happy ending we’ve spent a lifetime dreaming about. 

As we wake up to the truth that we are natural creators and begin to empower ourselves to create consciously, the game changes. 

Below I will share four steps to creating the type of relationship that you know deep down at a soul level is possible for you. 


  1. Talk To Your Inner Critic

Most of us know about the good ol’ inner critic who’s there to put a dark cloud over whatever it is we’re excited about. If we listen to her, we’ll run away from every desire and dream we have. 

It’s when we form a loving relationship with our inner critic that we begin to build qualities of resiliency, faith, and love within that allow us to reach for our dreams and be an active participant in making them come to fruition. 

When she starts spouting off about how you’ll mess up, embarrass yourself, or whatever she may be saying in a given moment, let her know you see her.

Thank her for having your back, but also let her know that she’s making up stories that aren’t rooted in truth.

Communicate that you’re open to valid information yet you’re not open to hypotheticals and playing small as a result of indulging them. 

Observe the steady shift that will occur within you as you challenge your fears and choose to bring presence to your inner critic. 


2. Bring Deeper Awareness Around Patterns And Triggers

If we don’t have awareness around our tendencies and patterns, it’s impossible to create something new and positive.

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is “What is my contribution to this dynamic and what do I need to do to change it?” 

Once we recognize that we have the power to choose differently, we have stepped once again into the role of becoming a conscious creator. 

This is empowering and motivates us to make better and better choices over time. 

A high quality man will pick up on this and respond to this change.

We have SO much subconscious influence over each other!

As you choose to make changes from a heartfelt and loving space, his heart will open and soften over time too.

A high quality man will recognize at an energetic level when a woman is choosing to show up with intentions rooted in integrity and unconditional love for herself and others. 

3. Make Better Choices

As you recognize where you can make positive and impactful changes, it’s then about holding yourself accountable to doing just that. 

Moment to moment, incident by incident, choosing differently and therefore guiding the ship in a new direction.

 I read recently it can take anywhere between 18-254 days to make a new habit.

 Commit to making good choices and you’ll feel free and clear with a new level of lightheartedness and playfulness. 

Just as I shared in step three, when you make better choices, you inspire a high quality man to do the same. “Show” versus “explaining” is a powerful way to be the change we wish to see. 

4. Aim High

Love is about being completely honest and true to who we are at our deepest level. 

When we reconnect to the secure attachment within ourselves by facing our triggers, fears, and tendencies more fully, we transform our lives over time.

This changes what choices we make, the type of friends and men we’re attracted to.

The more we love ourselves, the better choices we make.

When we can choose a man who is securely attached or willing to do the work to heal, this helps us restructure and move closer to our own soul’s alignment. 

This is how we have a beautiful relationship and become the most joyful version of ourselves. 

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