How High Is Your Intimacy Intelligence? 

Developing and enhancing your Intimacy Intelligence is the foundation of everything I teach. 

What do I mean by Intimacy Intelligence?

If we don’t have insight into what we’re feeling, how can we trust ourselves to fully share and express ourselves to another person?

In love and relationships, a woman’s ability to recognize and express what she’s feeling allows a man to feel safe and connected no matter what the topic of discussion is.

Yes, even areas that feel divisive and have created conflict in the past can be transformed through a woman’s ability to fully recognize what she’s feeling and to reshape her communication in a way a man can hear. 

Developing your intimacy intelligence supports all areas of attraction and love. 

It is the very foundation for confidence and self-love. It is what allows a woman to set boundaries and to trust herself more fully. After all, you can’t set boundaries if you don’t know what it is you’re feeling or feel safe to express it. 

This is what allows you to live and trust that it’s safe for you to be in your feminine energy with a high quality man. 

It is what allows you to love and value yourself more than the man or the relationship.

When you learn how to put yourself back on the pedestal instead of settling for the scraps a man is throwing out to you, what you attract and have reflected back to you from a man changes dramatically. 

This is why I’m so passionate about the Attract Him Forever program. 

In this program I teach you how to embody the very qualities that will stimulate attraction with a high quality man and how to keep it alive forever!

There is nothing that makes me feel more excited than to watch women develop and grow into believing their dreams are possible!

I have loved creating a safe environment in this small group offering for women to tap into the truest and most authentic version of themselves.

This is what allows a woman to expand into her fullest potential. 

The truth is, we’re not taught how to embody the very qualities that effortlessly draw in the love we want.

This exists in all of us but has become deeply buried by the “Let’s get this thing done” attitude our modern society embraces. 

Underneath the energy of achieving, competing, and proving, is a softness, openness, and joy that lives within you. 

When you reconnect to this, you’re in your most magnetic and creative alignment. 

I have had so many beautiful success stories from this program ranging from starting the AHF program single to becoming engaged six months later, to a beautiful client starting a new life for herself by exiting a toxic marriage.

When you learn how to love yourself and tap into your  Intimacy Intelligence you become a powerful and deliberate creator. 

When you learn the skills I teach in our four weeks together and apply them, I have full faith you will create lasting love on an entirely new level no matter how hopeless you feel your situation is at the moment. 


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