How I Changed Everything

If you’re feeling lonely and anxious in your relationship and don’t know what to do…. I am here to tell you that you can change that!
If all of the interactions with your man seem to end in an argument or more distance, I have been there.
I remember a time when I felt like I couldn’t talk to my man at all without it turning into a big argument.
I remember how anxious and frustrated I felt. I felt completely hopeless.
I remember a time when I was sitting in the living room with my man and it was so quiet. I remember trying to think of all these different ways to get a conversation going.
I started asking lots of questions, and was getting short, curt responses. So I kept asking and asking, WORKING so hard to get a conversation going… and it just didn’t happen.
I would then get so frustrated and angry! These emotions of course would lead me to ask him what his deal was… which led to even more arguing and more disconnection!
I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong…I was just trying to TALK to him and his aloofness and distant responses really hurt. I would ask myself, why doesn’t he appreciate me? What is wrong with me? It affected my self-esteem and I felt so insecure and distrustful. It definitely was not the way I envisioned things for myself.
Learn How Simple It Is To Create Trust And Connection
I didn’t realize that asking all these questions was putting me in my masculine energy. That I was taking responsibility to make things happen, and that I was trying to FIX things and control the situation.
I had to learn to get good and comfortable in the “silence” as things started to heal. THEN I had to learn the right language to communicate with him in a way that did not continue to put me in my masculine!
I started to share little by little what it was I desired… and what it was I FELT. THEN, I had to let it go. I learned to communicate clearly what it was that I wanted or didn’t want without blaming him, making him defensive or being attached to the outcome.
NOW…there is no fighting. There also really isn’t anything I can’t share because that TRUST and CONNECTION is there.
Does this sound familiar to you?
You don’t have to do this alone or be in any more pain, just reply to this email and schedule a FREE 30 minute session with me to LEARN the language that can turn it all around!

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