How To Attract A Masculine Man


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Today I want to talk about how to attract a high quality masculine energy partner.

This is an area where we often think we know what it takes to attract this, but end up going about it all the wrong ways.

We’ll often feel like we need to be prettier, smarter, more prepared, more successful, have a better job, the list goes on and on.

While it’s amazing to have these things, it will never make a man fall in love.

Attracting a high quality man is less about doing and more about accessing ourselves and our authentic happiness, conveying that we’re whole regardless of what he chooses to do or not do.

1.Choosing To Love Yourself Right Now

When we love the woman we are, we’re not afraid to make ourselves feel good.

We’re not afraid to expose ourselves or lead from our hearts.

We approach love from a space of fullness and abundance because we’re anchored into the deepest truth of who we are.

We may still want to lose 10 pounds.

We may want to get a different job.

These things don’t matter.

It’s when we can love and be with ourselves even when we’re not right where we want to be, that bring out our most magnetic qualities.

We’re conveying that we accept ourselves, therefore he does too.

He will feel that you’re approaching love and relationships from a place of loving yourself, rather than a sense of lack or deficit within you.

2. Exposing The Truth Of Who You Are

A woman that loves herself isn’t afraid of being exposed.

She’s not afraid of him finding something out about her that will deem her unlovable.

She knows she’s lovable, worthy, and deserving without having to hide any aspects of who she is.

She’s also not in her head analyzing what she thinks he needs over what she needs.

She’s simply taking good care of herself and showing up just as she is.

She treats men with respect and compassion. Other than that, she’s not really worried about what he thinks.

She’s doing what feels natural to her and energetically inviting him to be a part of it.

As a result he feels this sense of total emotional freedom to be who he is, rather than feeling like he’s being watched or evaluated.

A woman who is accepting of who she is, isn’t going to be in his head worried about what he’s doing because she’s living in alignment with her truth.

She’s good, therefore she would assume that if he wasn’t good, he’d tell her otherwise she lives and loves under the assumption that all is well.

She trusts love to come with ease and flow.

She doesn’t let those sort of moments of inconsistency throw her deep into past triggers or disappointments.

3. Emotional Consistency

Sometimes we will have periods where we’ll feel like we’ve got everything under control.

I’ll often talk to women who will then have a major hiccup seemingly out of nowhere.

The emotions suddenly really go up, then feel like they’re crashing down.

She’ll practice being in her feminine, feeling her emotions, then have moments where they just erupt.

This over time creates emotional inconsistency which translates into him not feeling emotionally safe to let his guard down.

One of the most beautiful things we can do is establish emotional consistency, meaning that we are a woman who can be in our own skin.

We’re feeling strong and secure on the inside so that we feel safe being soft and warm on the outside.

We’re able to ride the intense emotional waves as they come trusting they will pass.

This is so attractive! A man is so drawn to this because he feels like he doesn’t have to have his guard up.

He doesn’t feel like he’s got to wait for that other shoe to drop again, or for the next eruption to occur.

It allows him to feel that he can open his heart up because we convey a steadiness showing we handle his truth too, he then feels safe to expose his true self.

Instead of creating disconnection and moments of disagreement, what you’re doing is you’re building intimacy because he feels that he feels a sense of steadiness, grounding, and consistency that’s necessary for him to open his heart and be vulnerable.

I know I’ve talked about the concept of emotional consistency before, and I also know the term emotional consistency does not sound that sexy, yet it’s the most powerful way to ignite LASTING attraction and chemistry.

It will inspire a man to open his heart in ways you never thought were possible.

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  1. Chelsea on 17/04/2023 at 23:19

    Not even all the way through this post and wanted to share that I love how you speak on this topic.

    Thank you for your words!

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