How to Attract More Love into Your Life

There have been countless times in my life where I thought that I knew what a man wanted. I thought that if I looked attractive enough, if I were smart enough, well-traveled enough, made enough money, etc. that this would bring love into my life. I didn’t realize that I was always reacting to that voice inside myself that was telling me that where I was ALREADY was not enough, that I needed to do more or have more to bring true love into my life.
I didn’t know that I already had everything I needed to attract and have the love of my life.
Having done this work for some time, it is not about any of those things.
Here are three WRONG ways to ATTRACT and sustain LOVE.
1. Physical- Trying to attract men through being sexy,sexual, or good in bed is not going to bring lasting love in your life. He will take it, have some fun, but it will not inspire him to cherish and adore you long term.
2. Mental- This can look like showing off what we know. Trying to impress a man with what we know, or how smart we are, or how successful we are. We often think that if he sees how intelligent we are or how much we know about an area that he is interested in, that he will be drawn to us.
3. Spiritual- Sharing the same beliefs, having similar goals, and family traditions. Similar to the concept of “Looks good on paper.” Love is a deep GUT FEELING, and having similarities is not a way a man falls in love.
So, what is the road that leads to a man’s heart and True Love?
When you’re connected to your feelings, he can connect to you through his heart, which allows him to also connect to his feelings, and this is what a man craves. A man wants to get in there with us and experience our world. (As long as he doesn’t feel blamed for the way we feel.)
The easiest way to connect to a man’s heart from yours is to actually feel what you’re feeling, and then being able to express that to him.
Do you have experience going down these wrong roads wondering what went wrong?
Have you experienced going down the emotional road and connecting to his heart?
I would love to hear about it!

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