How To Bring Back Connection and Affection In Your Relationship

If you’re feeling lonely and anxious in your marriage or relationship and don’t know what to do….I am here to tell you that you can turn things around. Things CAN be the way they once were.
If he has stopped initiating all those loving things with you…like holding hands, kissing you, complimenting you, hugging you, or you no longer feel like he cherishes you…I can relate.
I remember a time when my relationship had lost all of the LOVE.
I remember how insecure, angry and hopeless I felt. I tried EVERYTHING to get it back!
I tried all kinds of different therapy, problem solving, I started DOING all these things to show how committed I was, and none of it worked. I tried talking about it, if I could just get him to see it from my point of view, I tried to not talk at all, thinking my silence would turn it around, and I tried getting professionals to help make my case to him! None of this worked.
Learn Exactly How I Turned Everything Around
I STOPPED doing all those things AND learned how to communicate in a specific way to inspire connection.
Reconnect With Your Man Tool
Put your man in front of you right now.
Imagine him coming towards you. Imagine him coming towards you with LOVE. FEEL that energy throughout your body and imagine you don’t even have to hold onto it.
ALLOW it to move towards you like waves.
Anytime you start to feel sadness, anger, resentment, desperation, or self-hate- go to this.
Inspire His Love Right Now By Doing These 3 Steps
Changing our FEELINGS changes our THOUGHTS which changes OUR ACTIONS.
1. Think of one thing you love about him and put your thoughts there only.
2. Look for one way you can thank and appreciate him each day. This can be the smallest of things…for example taking the trash out, walking the dog, or putting a dish in the sink.
3. STOP speaking negatively of him period. END the negative conversations with friends and family. Speak only of him in a RESPECTFUL way.
If you don’t learn how to CONNECT and INSPIRE his affection, then the negative thoughts get more powerful and take over. It is important to stop it in its tracks.
We do this by changing our MINDSET and inspiring him to feel safe enough to bring the love back into the relationship. He feels safe when our energy changes, and our vibe is WARM and INVITING.
If you’re feeling anxious, scared, and insecure in your relationship, contact me to schedule a free 30 minute “Get Your Relationship Back On Track” session and we can figure out exactly what you need to do to get your relationship back on track.

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