How To Bring Love To You Instead Of Chasing It

The women I coach most often come to me with a deep desire to have the level of intimacy in their relationships that they have grown up dreaming about. In dating, long term relationships, and marriage this can often feel so far away and we are left feeling alone and confused instead of cherished and loved.

The tendency for us women is then to start to blaming ourselves! We may have that inner voice start to say things like:
I am not pretty enough…
I am not smart enough…
I am not fit enough…
I am not funny enough…
We make the reason a man is not giving us what we want about something being “wrong” with us!
This kind of thinking then only puts him higher on the pedestal and we allow ourselves to take the crumbs and deem ourselves unworthy.
I remember when I was healing my relationship ( and ultimately myself) early in my marriage, I would make every bad mood my husband had all about me! I would beat up on myself and allow all of my fears and self doubts to take over. As I started to learn my own VALUE and keep my focus on me, EVERYTHING started to change.
All men, not just my husband felt my higher vibration! My vibe became confident, focused, soft, and loving. I became easier to be around and instead of being hard and insecure, I became softer and open. An easy place to be!
When we as women start to heal ourselves and all of the “stuff” we’ve brought to the relationship, the whole dynamic of the relationship changes! He starts to CRAVE your presence and your soft, sweet, authentic flow of energy! It’s all in your vibe. And it can change your relationship practically overnight!
If you notice that you’re turning things back on YOURSELF, with things such as :
If I were smarter…
If I were more attractive…
If I made more money…
If I had a better job….
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You are enough just as you are right now.


Jen Michelle

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