How To Change Your Energy To Bring Him Back

If you are feeling the full spectrum of emotions in your relationship, I understand.
If you feel like every time you think of your man you vacillate between anger and fear…meaning, you feel either anxious or angry, clingy or resentful insecure or jealous…I understand!
I remember I used to go back and forth with these emotions all the time. One minute I would feel so angry about how I was not being appreciated to then being so scared and worried about what my man was thinking or doing!
I remember I would often CYCLE between these two states perpetually and as a result…my man NEVER felt safe around me.
I expected him to see that I was NOT HAPPY and that should make him want to do something about it…BUT it did the opposite.
Once I learned how to start making MYSELF happy and quit putting that expectation on him…(men hate expectations!) things started to shift.
Since I was taking care of myself in an authentic way, my VIBE was lighter…softer…and happier. THIS is what inspires him to BE close and to feel SAFE.
For me this looked like…exercise…I love yoga and dance. Eating only foods that are good for my body, laughing with my friend who lives away over the phone, and getting outside as much as I could do be in the sun!
As I turned toward what brings me joy…He FELT INSPIRED to be close to me and make me EVEN HAPPIER!
He felt safe that I could take care of myself and manage my emotions. That I didn’t need someone to manage or take care of my painful feelings because I had the inner strength and soft exterior to manage it all.
As Rori Raye says, strong on the inside and soft on the outside. This COMPLETELY changes your vibe and inspires him to reconnect with you.
What does your HAPPY look like for you?

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