How To Create More Abundance In Your Life


Most of us were taught from a young age that there’s not enough to go around, and that if we’re going to be successful in life, we’re going to have to fight for our spot.

This could have been with anything and everything from sports to school.

The underlying message is the same: there’s not enough to go around and someone else’s success comes at the expense of our own. 

This is true in certain competitive arenas, yet it’s not true in life as a whole.

Sara falling in love, getting engaged, or getting promoted has no impact on how successful we’ll be in the same areas.

The problem is we’re often conditioned to believe that it does. 

The truth in living a full, peaceful, joyful life is connecting to the truth that there is enough to go around and someone else’s success isn’t a threat to our own. 

I remember a time in my own life where I fell prey to this “lack” mentality and it put me in a frantic and frazzled energy.

Once I became aware of the limiting belief that was driving me I started to examine it more closely.

It inspired me to make some big changes in my life and shape myself into a woman who operates in her abundant energy and stays connected to the deeper part of herself that knows there is enough love, success, and joy for her. 

Three Ways To Create More Abundance In Your Life

  1. Catch Thoughts Of Scarcity And Shift Them

When you catch yourself going into negativity, lack, jealousy, or competition, catch yourself versus indulging in it.

The first step to changing anything is awareness.

If we’re letting the ego take over, we’re unconscious and not awake to the opportunity to shift our thoughts.

Once we bring awareness to it, we get to move into questioning the thought and where it may have come from.

Is this mine or is this something that I’ve been conditioned to believe? Is it how I really feel?

How is this thought influencing my emotions? What does it make me want to do as a result of how I’m now feeling?

This is a powerful process that over time will veer the plane in a new direction. 

One of my favorite Pema Chodron quotes is “Never underestimate the power of compassionately recognizing what’s going on.” 

We don’t want to forget the powerful impact awareness has in consciously creating the life we want. 

2. What Are You Doing That Is Supporting You Or Hindering You?

When the desire to make changes in our life shows up, we recognize that old habits can die hard.

It takes a lot of patience, discipline, and consistency to make lasting changes.

The impulse to do what’s automated and habitual will feel quite seductive so it’s important that we support ourselves in this process. 

This can mean taking a look at the choices we’re making each day, the company we keep, and being more discerning in regards to who and how much we share about what we’d like to have in our lives.

It can be powerful to quietly do the work versus getting distracted by these things that can inadvertently encourage us to do things the same old way. 

It’s so important to build this belief and possibility within so we don’t take on someone else’s beliefs or mindset. 

3. Celebrate Your Mini Victories

When you notice areas where you have more awareness, where you handled yourself with more love and grace, or took a little time to work through your emotions before responding, I invite you to celebrate this!

These “mini” victories are actually huge and are what empower us to make significant and lasting changes over time.

When you observe your personal growth, I invite you to pause and talk to your inner little girl, your emotional self.

Let her know what an incredible job she’s doing in supporting you.

Reward her good behavior with this kind of loving and compassionate language.

This will evolve into a more loving and joyful YOU over time.

This is how your inner critic dissolves and your inner coach shines more brightly over time.

So often we hold a lack mentality because we don’t ever take a real opportunity to recognize ourselves and celebrate our journey of learning.

It’s key to be thankful for how far we’ve come yet have clarity on our desire to release old beliefs and operate from a space of abundance.

As you gain clarity and release trying to manage the outcome, I am confident you’ll see how the inner work is revealing a brighter and more abundant outer world in your life. 

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