How To Energetically Pull A Man Towards You

There is perhaps nothing that makes a woman feel more beautiful than feeling like they have captivated and magnetized pure love and adoration from a high quality man. 

Yes, of course you want to feel beautiful and confident on your own too, but to have this beautiful energy reflected back to you from a masculine man is powerful, and there’s simply no replacement for it. 

I remember a time in my life where I felt desperate for this kind of attention from a man, which is essentially why I couldn’t seem to get it or hold onto it for very long before insecurity and a sense of desperation took over. 

The man would feel this energy, get turned off, and things would quickly come to an end.

Once I began to recognize this cycle within myself, I started truly doing the work to heal it. I stopped blaming the man, the timing, the circumstances, and realized if I was going to create the life and love I wanted, I needed to own my stuff and face it. 

This is now what I call magnetic sensitivity, which is a woman’s natural ability to pull a man towards her. Her innate ability to literally draw him towards her by simply accessing her inner quiet, her inner sensitivity, perhaps her most introverted components that she hasn’t revealed to others, let alone a man she is attracted to. 

Three Ways To Energetically Pull A Man Towards You

  1. Wait Before Responding

You know that excitable, over-eager energy that can show up in all of us when we’re wanting more of something?

This can be overwhelming to men, so it’s critical to make sure we know how to manage our energy versus releasing it onto him all at once because we’re just so excited and happy to see him or be in his presence!

As a woman deepens in her magnetic sensitivity, intimately getting to know herself and her tendencies, she is able to catch this and self-adjust so it’s in alignment with the deep Self, not the short-term excitable lower self that’s looking for immediate gratification. 

It’s here where you can learn how to let those immediate emotions rise up and be released before connecting with him. From here you’ll quickly discover it feels very different! 

What you say, text, your body language, your entire vibe that a man picks up on will be an entirely different experience for him! 

It will also be aligned with the truest and most authentic version of yourself!

  1. Practice Daily As Consistency Is Key

Magnetic sensitivity and feminine energy isn’t something we turn on and off. It’s a rediscovery of self; it’s a balanced and joyful energy that we embody in all areas of life. It’s not compartmentalized.

In my coaching practice I teach women how to use these skills in all areas of life, rather than applying it with men and then handling everything else the old way! 

For example, magnetic sensitivity and feminine energy can help you with:

-Dealing with masculine energy women

-Difficult family members

-Workplace drama or power struggles

-When out and about simply interacting with strangers

If a woman can learn how to embody this energy in all aspects of her life, she will become a master at magnetizing everything she desires. 

When you learn how to let go and trust that what’s meant to be yours, will be yours, you begin to loosen your grip and draw out the very best in others as a result. 

3. Let It Feel Easy

Allowing the big ticket items you yearn for to feel easy can often feel incredibly hard. 

If you didn’t want it so badly, perhaps then it could feel easy. How does one go about doing that?

When a woman connects to her magnetic sensitivity, she doesn’t sweat the small stuff or allow her ego voice to guide her. 

She has developed a strong filtration system to discern between where she needs to direct her focus and where she doesn’t. 

Most people spend the majority of their lives in survival mode, with their inner world constantly whirling, moving from one issue to the next. 

In order to balance this and let life feel joyful and easy, we need to intentionally balance this by enhancing our awareness and establishing a practice in cultivating it. 

Taking care to activate your parasympathetic nervous system will allow you to access this part of yourself because you’re creating safety in the body to do so.

If you struggle with obsessive thoughts, constant worry, stress or anxiety in your relationship, then you’re likely used to being in survival mode, rarely if ever turning off your stress response. 

Some ways to activate your parasympathetic and to allow your body to feel safe moving into your feminine energy include meditation, nature, breath work, recognizing who or what provides you with energy versus who or what robs you of your energy, cultivating feelings of contentment, and keeping your thoughts and emotions in a state of gratitude as much as possible.

Intentionally cultivating ways to access your innate joy and tranquility is so healing for you to rest, reset, and give balance. It’s here you’ll feel safe in accessing your magnetic sensitivity and being in your feminine energy. 

This will pull a high-quality man close quickly as you will feel like a respite to him, a vacation away from all of the daily challenges and worries he deals with in his life. 

This is precious to him and the most authentic and powerful way to connect to a high-quality masculine energy man.

 To be a woman who knows how to invite others to feel their best in her presence is the gift that is offered through this practice. 

If you’d like to learn more around this topic, join my Attract Him Forever Group Coaching program! 

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