How To Face Rejection


When you really want to create a loving and connected relationship, whether you’re single and dating or have been in a relationship or marriage for years, the fear of rejection is something we all have to face at one point or another.

Rejection can feel painful, shameful, and scary.

As a result of the emotions it brings up you may instinctively try to avoid it at all costs.

When you learn how to face your fear of rejection, feel the emotions it brings up within you, and recognize rejection as evidence of your willingness to live a life outside of your comfort zone, you’ll begin to shift your relationship with what once felt like facing a big scary monster to something you can handle with ease and without internalizing it.

There was a time in my own life where I just wouldn’t take risks out of fear of looking dumb, being told no, and unwillingness to face what it could mean if another person didn’t accept me.

Once I realized that by being unwilling to confront my relationship with rejection, it meant that I was confining myself to playing small and building regret, I realized I had to face my own fragility around going up against the unknown.

Three Ways To Face Rejection

1. Allow Space For Your Emotions

You may notice the tendency to minimize your emotions and sweep them under the rug, or dismiss them as no big deal.

When you suppress what you’re feeling rather than honoring that you just did something difficult and vulnerable, you don’t allow yourself to develop and gain insight from the experience.

When you allow yourself to feel difficult emotions and acknowledge any embarrassment or shame, you start building resiliency to handle difficult emotions and take the chances necessary to create the life you want.

Next time you face difficult feelings, hold space for yourself to experience everything that comes up.

Feel the emotion and simply breathe.

Drop any stories or dialogues around it, and simply practice feeling them.

This practice will allow you to move through them and access what’s on the other side of them.

2. View Rejection As Courage

 It takes tremendous courage to put yourself in a position where you may not be accepted!

Yet if you can feel and process difficult emotions, you’ll create a “no regrets” feeling and a lightness inside of yourself that feels so freeing!

You’ll know that you’re living outside of your comfort zone and demonstrating a willingness to go to the edges in order to move towards your dreams!

You’re not letting others dictate or influence what you deserve, what you’re meant to have, or the timing around when it “should” occur.

If you’re putting yourself in a position where you feel scared and vulnerable yet know it aligns with what you truly want, this equals growth and faith.

The more you can have faith in yourself and believe in what you truly want to create in your life, the more you will be energetically supported.

Women successful in love and business who seemingly “have it all” simply have a healthy relationship with rejection and know that facing this emotion is necessary in creating the life they want.

3. View Rejection As A Teacher

When things don’t go as desired, instead of getting defensive or running from the situation, instead try leaning into it. It’s in this space that you can use rejection as an opportunity for growth and refinement on your path.

You’ll then feel more empowered knowing what could have been done differently, then apply it the next time there’s an opportunity!

As you face rejection and refine your ability to handle and learn from it each time, you’ll create a life that aligns with your deepest desires.

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