How To Get Comfortable With Uncertainty


A huge component of accessing and living in our feminine energy resides in our relationship with uncertainty. 

Feminine energy is rooted in our ability to create ease within the unknown. It’s cultivating feelings of safety to live fully in the gray areas of life. This is such a transformative skill to learn, the ability to ground yourself in your own certainty by creating it from within versus seeking it outside of yourself. 

This is what prepares you to trust yourself knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way. 

As  you learn to  trust that you can move through all of the difficult emotions uncertainty can bring to the surface, you access a new level of confidence and self love you never knew was there. 

1. Meet Fear With Curiosity And Wonder

When we think of uncertainty, more often than not the emotion that shows up is fear. Living in the unknown creates a visceral experience for many of us. 

When a woman is learning to live in the gray—surrendering, letting go, and releasing control over the things she, in fact, has no control over​​—I invite her to move into a state of curiosity and wonder. 

These emotions are so much kinder and gentler than fear. 

If we can go deeper and experience our emotions, meeting them with a level of curiosity, we start to face what is

When this happens, what we had locked up inside ourselves stops seeping out of the cracks in unhealthy ways. 


If we are steadily doing practices that allow us to meet ourselves right where we are now and to be with the emotions that arise, trusting all the while that we can handle them, we can strengthen the tolerance of what we can feel. We’re not shutting the door on any uncomfortable emotion. Instead, we’re recognizing them and meeting ourselves with curiosity instead of reacting to them right away because the ego got triggered.  We then talk to the inner little girl inside of us and let her know that we truly see her in such moments. The subconscious is the believer so what we say to ourselves enough times, we’ll believe. Choose a dialogue that supports and uplifts you.  


“We can get through this.”

“We don’t have to act on this right now.”

“I see you and I’m working on it.” 

We then create the ability to sit with all that is coming up, and trust that when you’re calm and centered, you’ll be able to come up with a really beautiful next step or solution. No emotion lasts forever, it can be a true comfort to remind yourself of that!

When you do this, you allow your intuition and the higher wisdom of the universe to give guidance in lieu of acting on survival instinct or going into flight, fight, or freeze—all of which are responses that put limitations on high-quality solutions.

2. Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

The best way to deepen your intuition is by getting out of your head and into your body. When we feel uncertain, our ego kicks into overdrive and floods our brain with all types of scenarios that are more often than not the “worst case”.

This is because our survival instincts have been activated and we’re preparing as if you’re going to parish in the forest. 

A high-quality solution comes when we can break out of our head and simply be in our body.

Clients of mine have come up with the most beautiful, creative solutions when they’ve given themselves permission to move into their body. They have primed themselves in these instances to receive new information.

That can look like anything that makes you feel your best or anything that allows you to nudge yourself closer to a happier, more certain state that you are cultivating from within.

If you’re the type of person who finds herself staying in her head, rolling around potential outcomes, and recycling tired information left over from old belief systems based in fear, it’s paramount you give yourself permission to move into your body. 

Connect with your breath, quiet the narrative, and do things that are physical or joyful for you.

Let a solution come to you from within this space. Allow yourself to leave your head for 20 or 30 minutes and see how you feel before continuing to build off that process.

When we give ourselves a time limit, these practices tend to go better. Give yourself a specific timeframe, then check in with yourself to see how you feel as you practice dropping the ego’s narrative and simply feel the sensations in your body.

 3. Ground Yourself In The Familiar

When you’re feeling a lot of uncertainty, it’s key to counterbalance that with certainty.

However, we want the certainty we create to come from within ourselves and not from attempting to manage the external, which only creates resistance and stress in the body. 

I invite you to examine the things in life you have full control over. Ground yourself in routines and rituals that you can count on daily. This builds a sense of knowing that you can turn to these things for comfort in times of turbulence. 

This can look like having a very specific and set morning routine or unwinding from your day in the same manner each night. 

It can be certain passages or inspirations that you can turn to create an anchor within. When we do this, we’re not trying to play puppeteer or manage the external.

 We’re no longer engaging in a game of Whac-A-Mole, where you solve one issue only to have another issue pop up.

 This is what happens when we place our focus on things that we don’t ultimately have the final say on. 

Instead, direct that attention towards yourself and cultivate ways that you can feel this deeper feeling of faith within, so you’re able to balance the challenges you’re facing when healing your relationship with uncertainty.

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