How To Get The Spark Back

I often get asked this question with my clients, “What do I do when he seems to have lost the spark for us? How EXACTLY do I bring that back?”

I can say I completely understand because I have been there myself.  

My husband and I spent 4 years disconnected from each other, even though we’d been going to counseling and therapy. 

After learning everything I was doing that actually doesn’t work with men, my marriage starting turning around within 2 weeks.

The first thing a woman often does when that passion seems to have faded from him is panic. 

It’s completely intuitive to try to go into this action mode of getting it back! 

This can look like:

Being in our best behavior (walking on egg shells) 

Having “the talk.”

Doing special things for him like cooking his favorite meal or being overly accommodating. 

We can start picking up the ball where he left off.

All of these things actually make the spark fade even more! A women who is taking action and making everything happen, is in her masculine energy. 

Masculine energy is action oriented energy. It is a DOING, FIXING, ACTIVE energy. 

What brings the spark and passion back is to change that energy and actually STOP doing all of these types of things. 

This looks like being able to take a step back, and creating a space and happily moving about your life. 

I know this is easier said than done and it is completely counter-intuitive.

This space allows our energy to shift into our feminine energy. Feminine energy is a warm, welcoming, receiving, inviting energy. As we create that warm space, all expectations and pressure is lifted. 

The energy and pressure of expectation can really destroy the spark in a relationship.

Once this has been lifted, a warmer, safer, and more confident energy is being conveyed to him. This is extremely inviting and attractive to a man!

So the way to get the spark back is to completely shift the focus to yourself and allow him to step up.

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You will be in awe at how quickly your situation can change.


Jen Michelle

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