How To Have The Kind Of Love Other Women Notice

Have you ever observed a woman with a man, and asked yourself questions such as:

How did she get so lucky?

Why does he seem so crazy about her?

How long have they been together?

What is her secret?

We convince ourselves that she has something magical that we don’t.
This of course is not true, as all women have this magic, it’s simply a matter of learning how to access it.

We may question ourselves and our approach to love and relationships.

We realize that there must be a missing piece, something we don’t understand.

This is true, as we all are capable of having a deep level of connection and intimacy.

It’s a matter of learning how to access our feminine energy, healing our old wounds instead of reacting to them, and learning how to really respect and appreciate a man.

Being in our feminine energy is about feeling FULL, loved, and beautiful independent of a man. It doesn’t mean we can’t prefer having a partner, it’s about a deeper knowing of how to still feel happy and full on our own.

This is impossible to do though when we are feeling empty and depleted.

This is often when we decide we need to have “the talk” in a relationship, or express how he isn’t doing or giving us what we need.
We may feel like we need to do something drastic to get his attention, give ultimatums, or threaten to leave.
If we’re single or dating, we may decide to beat up on ourselves even more, and allow the negative self talk to take over.

When we feel empty and depleted, we get stuck on the negative train.
Everything that he does or doesn’t do, and everything we see in the world, triggers us and gives us supporting evidence of what we don’t want!

This is because when we’re feeling bad, we look for evidence to support why we’re feeling this way.
I’ve found through this work, the answer is so often because we’re not giving ourselves the self love and self care we need to get back to feeling good.
Instead of recognizing this, we almost always look for a reason outside of ourselves.

This is why it is key to get ourselves feeling as good as we possibly can beforespending time with a man. If we still want to have a conversation when we feel amazing, consider this will land on him completely differently.
This is why we don’t want to be around him when we are depleted and empty, rather we want to fill ourselves up first so we can be in our feminine and come from that place of love and appreciation.

If we’re going on dates, or talking to new man, we don’t want to be interacting with him when we’re at a low.
We want to instead access our ability to feel good from within, then approach love from this space.
It changes everything.
We suddenly see things from a new perspective. We feel hopeful, light, beautiful, and excited!

I have many clients ask…How do I do that?

Get Your Love Life Back On Track Tool:
Visualize yourself on a train.
The first train is the negative train.
Everything is triggering us, either making us mad, sad, scared, or anxious.

We don’t want to be interacting with him too much when on this train.

Instead…Visualize yourself physically exiting off of this train. You are now climbing aboard a new train, a train of joy and love.

This train is where we start filling ourselves up and noticing all of the good we have.
It’s where we learn to find evidence to love and support ourselves so we are authentically lighter and softer when around him.
We perceive things completely differently when approaching love from this space.

What we focus on expands, so we naturally start to shift our vibe and get to a better feeling place.

We start filling ourselves up so that when he does say or do something we don’t like, we don’t instantly go to feeling deeply triggered. We instead go to a place of curiosity and awareness without reacting and causing him to pull away. We don’t cause any damage because we are on empty.

We feel amazing to be around in this space.

We are slow, sensual, and in our body. Perhaps we are lost in some music, art, a great book, or dance.

So much so that he has to call out our name several times physically coming to you to ask: “What are you doing?”
You are then able to giggle, smile, be soft, and truly feel as if you don’t have a care in the world.
This is magnetic to a masculine energy man. This intrigues him, ignites him, and mesmerizes him!
How to continue to move closer to this space:

Fill yourself up by doing things that bring you joy.
Practice being you by really allow your personality to authentically shine through, by getting out of your head and onto the things you love to do.
We lose our sense of self and our personality when we’re worried about “doing it right” or in our heads trying to figure out what guys like, or what he wants and prefers.
Catch thoughts like this, and come back to being you.

Practice gratitude and thanking him for everything he does that he does not have to do.
When a man feels appreciated, he naturally desires to continue to give and put in effort.

Men fall in love when they are giving when it is authentically appreciated.

If you’re single or dating, practice gratitude anywhere you can. What is going well for you right now?

Practice being of service.
Give to someone, and notice how good it feels for you too! Notice how it gets your mind off things and allows us to drop down into our heart.

Masculine energy men need respect.

Most of the women I coach want to feel loved and cherished over respected.

In order for a masculine energy man to naturally want to give, and to fall in love, he needs to feel that he is respected.

This ignites his natural desire to provide love and security to the feminine.

This beautiful dance starts with us filling ourselves up and authentically showing up in a way that will ignite that spark in him.

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