How To Increase His Attraction Level Towards You


Physical attraction is unconscious and not something that is logical or rational. We’re subconsciously drawn to men who remind us of something familiar. 

This familiarity activates a hormonal response that stimulates the physical chemistry we feel toward another person.

There are also certain physical attributes that activate subconscious attraction for men as well. Examples such as the color red, waist hip ratio, certain sets of physical characteristics that were valued when growing up, or conditioning all drive subconscious instincts. 

The truth is that while we can grow in consciousness at a quicker pace, our subconscious – our animal brain – evolves much more slowly. Men still have that caveman instinct to respond to the feminine in a way that’s drastically different from how they respond to the masculine. 

Knowing this truth, how do we then harness our innate feminine energy to increase the amount of attraction a man feels toward us?

  1. Speak More Slowly 

Speaking more slowly and thoughtfully is attractive because it’s rooted in having confidence and self-worth.

When a woman is a fast talker, trying to rush, working to keep someone’s attention, or reacting to a negative bias she holds within, others can feel this.

When a woman is comfortable with herself and trusts that she can take her time and set her own rhythm, this subtle and calm energy feels inviting and abundant.

The next time you’re feeling nervous or activated, I invite you to check in with yourself and slow down.

Notice your rhythm and if you’re setting yourself up to feel good about how you’re showing up.

Take a moment to roll your shoulders back, loosen your jaw, and uncross your arms and legs.

Take a deep breath and let the more expansive part of you underneath the tendency to rush or react lead the way.

You will notice how you communicate will look and feel very different. It will also invite in a completely different energy and response from a masculine energy man. 

2. Create More Sensual Experiences For Yourself

Drop down into your senses to create more opportunities to be in your body instead of being caught in your head.

Pay attention to the sounds you hear, what you taste, smell, see, and touch. Savor the simplicity in such experiences and really hold space to be present for them.

The ability to do this is what gives you permission to feel pleasure on a deeper level and the ability to cultivate this within yourself.

When we set the intention to feel on a deeper, more intentional level, we stop bypassing the small stuff.

We start appreciating life on a level that is connected to experiencing and feeling.

Men then feel this emotional connection within themselves when they are with a woman in her feminine energy.

It feels mesmerizing and captivating.

This is what draws out your personal magnetism and activates a high level of attraction that makes being with a woman in her feminine a sacred experience for the masculine. 

3. Speak To What You Like Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually

Invite a man into your inner world, your inner emotional experience.

Invite him into your desires, hopes, and dreams without making him responsible for them.

When a woman is able to reveal who she naturally is without trying to extract from the masculine, she deepens his attraction and his hero’s instinct.

He feels inspired and motivated to give her the world and be the hero of her life in a way no one else can.

I invite women to spend time getting to know themselves. Learn what you like, what lights you up, where your sense of purpose resides.

Be open to what you yearn for and what you’ve kept locked up inside.

Exploring such aspects of yourself cracks your heart open more and more over time where you begin to reveal the most sensitive components of who you are.

This invites a deepening polarity between the masculine and feminine that increases authentic and sustainable attraction. 

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