How To Manage Difficult Emotions

As personal challenges present for us, it can be hard in those moments to see what lesson we are to learn, or what opportunities to grow lie within it. It is easy to fall into the trap of things like:
This feels so unfair!
Why is this happening to me?
Why is life not on my side?
Cycling through the emotions of anger and sadness and maybe a little anxiety thrown in.
There is always some sort of growth or positive change that comes out of a negative or a challenging situation.
I remind myself when I am presented with situations out of my control, that I only have control over myself and how I CHOOSE to be and how I CHOOSE to handle myself.
Over the years of being very aware of this, it has turned into a practice of stillness and non-reaction. It has turned into observing my thought patterns and what my intuition tells me to do vs. my instincts that can create that fight or flight response. For example, there has never been a bear chasing me, therefore nothing has never been URGENT in the situations I’ve personally had to deal with.
Trust me, I am not perfect, but I have come along way in building this muscle and I was recently reminded of how strong I am and how much I have grown as a person over the years.
If you are still learning how to recognize the things you have control over (YOU) and the things that you don’t (EVERYTHING ELSE) a lot of fear can come up. I also know that it can feel really good (temporarily) to react to situations in the moment. I always know that it is not worth it and to instead pay attention to all the different, challenging, and complex feelings that come up, while TRUSTING that they will pass. You will feel amazing as you work to build this mental muscle within yourself.
Once I am in that SPACE that I’ve created, I can see things as they are, without having altered them or manipulated it in any way.
This then allows one to HEAL and instead of reacting to all of the fear, to face it, and to ultimately make peace with it.
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