How To Move Into The Feminine

If you’re feeling lost and alone in your relationship, with no idea how to get it back on track, I have been there!

No matter what stage you are in a relationship, all of the tools such as leaning back, being the invitation, and softening your heart, WILL bring you closer to the love and connection your heart desires in the relationship if he is truly the man for you. HOW do we do this when we are feeling strong emotions of anger, sadness, and helplessness?
Often so much of what is underneath a woman being in her masculine energy ( which is her action oriented, planning, strategizing, agenda forming energy) is FEAR.
There is such fear underneath what would happen if she just let go…If she just decides she just isn’t going to be the driver of the relationship anymore.
If a woman wants a masculine energy man, a man that is going to take the lead- she cannot be in this same energy!
This is what leads to disconnection, conflict, and tension in the relationship.
It can feel completely terrifying when a woman has no idea if the man she loves is capable of loving her back in the way that she needs.
So… what happens then is that she never stops to find out. She continues to push her agenda, allowing fear to lead her- only to find him moving further and further away.
Even if he “complies” this will never make her happy or bring her the level of intimacy she desires. She had to force it, and it didn’t come from him naturally, which is the only way it feels good for him and for her.
So in this work of surrendering and moving into the feminine energy space,
(which is a soft,open, warm, and accepting space) the first step is moving towards our fear.
AND the first step to healing a disconnected relationship is to stop trying to control and manage it.
This all starts with awareness. One of the first things I did when I started to heal my own relationship years ago was in creating awareness around my thought patterns.
THEN consciusly and deliberately changing my thought patterns that lead me down into a place of fear.
I remember I used to create all of these negative scenarios with my man in my head. I would get so anxious and upset, and I let me thoughts completely control me.
As I learned to create awareness around my thoughts and deliberately turn towards thinking about things that felt GOOD, I started to feel stronger,lighter, and more in control of myself.
We have no idea what a man is thinking unless he tells us so instead of creating scenarios in our heads, it is best to get the focus 100% off of him and back onto ourselves!
This looks like thinking more about what you DO want vs. what you DON’T want.
When we are focused on what is going right vs on all that can go wrong, or vibe is going to be so much lighter and so much more inviting.
This also allows us to start naturally finding our alignment. This is something I still continue to work on each day in my relationship, and in
work, and life.
When we allow our mood and emotions to be affected by what a man does or doesn’t do- we are giving away all of our power!
When we accept that we only have control over ourselves then we are able to accept what is vs trying to control and force it.
By just relaxing into your body and taking the path of SURRENDER, you will start to see how this inspires reconnection.
It is completely counterintuitive, yet THE most powerful shift a woman can make in getting the relationship back on track.
If you are needing some tools and support in getting your relationship back on track get my free report and newsletters here:

You will be amazed at how quickly things can change.


Jen Michelle

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