How To Quickly Shift Your Vibe

One common theme I come across in my work with women struggling with their relationship, is the type of relationship they have with THEMSELVES.

In order to CHANGE the relationship and get it back on track, the woman must HEAL herself. The relationship will then follow if he is truly the man for you.
One example that came up last week on a call with a woman I have been working with was how she TRULY felt about herself, and how BADLY she spoke to herself, and how HARD she was on everything she did or didn’t do. THIS This work is never about being perfect. This work is about making shifts and positive changes in ourselves each day, and allowing life to unfold while TRUSTING it is all working out for us.
When a woman BELIEVES that she is not enough, HE will feel the same way about her.
YOUR man’s energy will follow the “vibe” you are putting out there. THIS is why what we say, do and FEEL about ourselves is CRITICAL. He cannot love you more than you love yourself! There is no faking it, as how we feel on the inside is more important than how we look on the outside. The outside will atrract him, but it is that INTERNAL love and strength that makes a woman irresistable.
I always recommend to clients to get busy with falling in love with that person they see in the mirror. What kind of dialogue are you giving yourself? Are you making time for self-care each day? Are you doing the things that make you feel alive, sexy, and free? OR are you holding her to a standard of perfection, beating up on her, being too critical?
I remember a time in my relationship where my inner voice and inner critique was not kind, (very far from it) and how bad that made me feel! Once I started to realize my worth and focus on all of the aspects of myself that I loved, my energy shifted, and all of those positive emotions started to grow and shift the whole dynamic of the relationship. So much of this was all in my VIBE, no conversation needed!
It was all in my ACTIONS, so there was nothing to talk about.
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You are worthy of the love you want now.


Jen Michelle

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