How To Really Listen To A Man

I recently ran into an old male friend I knew from many years ago at a yoga class. It had been so long since I had seen him and he gave me a hug wanting to share all of the new things he has been up to in his life.

He was smiling and playful and I could feel that he was happy to be talking with me.

Even though I am not single and have been married almost 10 years now, I still of course enjoy receiving from the masculine and found myself smiling, listening and enjoying myself in that moment with him.
There was a time in my dating and married life that I could not do this!

I simply could not keep this connection with a man in conversation. It always led to awkwardness, distance and space. I was always left feeling what did I say, what did I do wrong here?


I learned through this work that at that time in my life,  I was so much more in my masculine energy.  I believed at hat time that I WAS listening to a man, but I actually was in my head and not really present at all.  I would often interject and try to solve whatever the problem was, maybe subtly try to compete with what he was saying by having the answer, or try to be helpful in making suggestions and coming up with ideas for him even when he didn’t ask.
In this recent example of being in my feminine, I just listened to this man share, and I made eye contact, smiled, nodded, and enjoyed hearing what he had to say. I didn’t step in and try to fix anything or have an answer. I didn’t plan for what I was going to say in response, I allowed myself to be present and connect and receive from him in that moment. He also asked about my life and how I was doing. I was able to lean back, express my feelings and speak from my heart vs. my head. This looks like:
“We just got back from a trip with the boys. I feel so rested and relaxed. I’m happy to be here for class this morning.”

I have to say that it feels amazing being in my feminine energy and receiving from the masculine. He responded positively to me and told me that I looked lovely and I simply told him “thank you, that feels so nice to hear.”  After the conversation, it felt like such a great exchange that boosted my confidence,  and off I went to enjoy the rest of the day.

Three Things A Woman Can Do Right Now to Get Into Her Feminine:

1. When interacting with your man- LEAN BACK. Roll your shoulders back, and unclench the jaw muscles. Lean your entire body back physically, and soften any area of the body that feels tight or stressed. Open the chest, dropping down from the head to the heart, and practice softening of the eyes and mouth. This allows a woman to BE the invitation through body language and simply be present and to be open to a man.

2. Make Eye contact and simply listen…There is no need to have a response “ready” or to “DO” anything. Simply just being able to be present and respond softly will inspire connection.

3. Cultivate an authentic “lightness” by being in the moment and deciding not to worry about whatever it is that is going on. Consider giving yourself permission to let it go for that moment, and to AUTHENTICALLY smile, laugh, and not worry about what he is thinking, feeling, or planning in regards to you or the relationship. This becomes easier as a woman makes herself and how she is feeling a priority.

So often we miss these opportunities to really be present and be in our feminine. The ability to step back and move into this feminine space can completely change everything. If you could use some tools to reconnect to your feminine energy to inspire connection with a man, get my free report and newsletters here:

You will be amazed at the changes you will see.


Jen Michelle

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