How To Spark Deeper Attraction With A Man


How to inspire attraction is an extremely important topic to all of the women I coach.

I’ve had many clients and visitors over the years ask how to spark a deeper, sustainable, and passionate connection with a man.

I want to share three ways you can create this type of connection. 

I also want to invite you to go deeper within yourself to truly feel and connect to your magnetic sensitivity so that a man can truly see you.

This inspires a man to live in his heart when he’s around you, allowing him to feel at home in your presence. 

Below are three ways to start shifting how you approach attraction, and to create an authentic spark that inspires a man to not only move towards you, but to draw out his ability to cherish, adore, and prioritize you like no one else in his life.

 1. Deep Attraction Occurs From The Inside Out

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding attraction. Many women have shared with me the mindset that attraction only occurs based on how “hot” she looks and therefore overemphasizes outside appearance.

While physical attraction is important, it is not the path to deep, sustainable devotion from a high quality man.

This type of attraction is created on the inside and energetically felt by the external world.

Deep attraction is something that comes from giving yourself full permission to have the life you want, and to practice tapping into this wholeness and abundance within everyday.

No matter how gorgeous a woman is, if her energy is misaligned and she isn’t connected to her innate sensitivity, this will be felt,  and it will feel “off” to a man at a gut level.

Nothing is sexier than your energy.

Deep lasting attraction is created with the alignment to the truth that you’re worthy and deserving of a  loving, connected,  intimate relationship with a high quality man.

This  doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus any attention on looking and feeling your best as taking good care of yourself will support you on your path. I invite you to go deeper and examine your underlying belief system.

Do you believe that the things that you want, the things that you desire most are truly possible for you?

Do you give yourself permission to move towards them? Do you pay attention to where there may be a disconnect?

Are you challenging those unproductive thoughts so you can create a life of abundant opportunities?

This is where deep magnetic attraction occurs.

It won’t matter if you get old, sick, or gain a little weight, because you have his heart in a deeper way than one that is simply based on superficial elements that fade.

It is important to really cultivate that self-worth within, so he can attach to it and inspire him to feel safe in your presence. 

  1. Make Yourself A Priority

Making yourself a priority looks like doing the things that allow you to tap into this innate wholeness within.

So often in love and relationships—especially when you have a history of feeling insecure in them—you’ll find yourself  caught in your head trying to figure out what he needs, what he’s expecting, and what he finds attractive.

You then start answering from the vantage point of what he might be thinking instead of your own vantage point.

This will cause you to lose your connection with your center and do what is good and right for you. 

You will fail to honor that part of yourself that already knows you’re enough.

You will diminish the light in you that naturally exudes high energy, confidence, and trust that your desires are meant for you.  

Making yourself a priority is truly a daily practice.

It takes conscious effort to make sure you’re moving to your side of the road and doing those things that allow you to be the quality that you want in a relationship.

If you’re not taking care of yourself and are instead putting your needs last, how can you be of the quality you know is possible? 

I invite you to make yourself and what’s important to you a priority, so that you can be the high quality woman who shows up at her best. 

3. Strengthen Your Vantage Point

Once you make yourself a priority, you’ll more naturally trust yourself and your intuition. Your vantage point will become more and more clear as you practice connecting to what you’re feeling and trusting yourself.

When I’m coaching a woman around building an unshakable internal vantage point, she stops taking polls or seeking out advice from others who deep down don’t have her very best interest at heart.

She will feel this more and more and intuitively build the ability to read others’ energy and make good decisions rooted in self love. She’s not seeking outside approval, or absorbing shaky information from those she intuitively knows will set her back. 

Instead, she’s being very thoughtful and conscious about who she is disclosing her process to, making sure she’s in alignment with those that are supportive. 

It’s very important to discern between who is a trusted source and who may set you back as you build and strengthen this part of yourself to which you hope to connect and deepen. 

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