How To Stop Being Anxious And Worrying All The Time


When we’re learning how to show up to love and intimacy in ways that are rooted in being who we truly are, lots of our stuff can get amplified. 

So many people are running around like headless chickens moving from one demand to the next until they collapse into bed from utter exhaustion at night.

If this is you, you may find yourself awake a couple hours later ruminating over an event or situation you didn’t handle perfectly throughout the day, struggling to turn the mind off. 

When it comes to love and relationships, you may find yourself doing the exact same thing.

Obsessing over every detail, overthinking every interaction and convincing yourself you “blew it” only to find yourself doing the exact same thing the next day.

This habitual pattern of living life in this way makes embodying your magnetic sensitivity and feminine energy quite difficult.

How are you supposed to connect to your authentic self, then savor all the little gifts life has to offer when you’ve got a child screaming, a boss who’s angry, or a man who seems like he’s losing interest?

This has always reminded me of the soap operas my mom watched when I was growing up.

I would come home from school and Days Of Our Lives Would always be on.

I remember someone was always upset talking about the evil Stefano and what he was going to do to them from his sick and twisted mind.

Five years later when I was in high school, they were still talking about Stefano and what he might do to everyone. Literally nothing had changed.  

It is so funny and sad, depending on how you look at it, that we get so caught in what could happen, or what another person might do, that we miss what’s actually happening in the moment.

In this offering, I want to share three ways you can connect to the moment, feel more pleasure, and embody the qualities that you want to feel MORE of on a regular basis. 

  1. Become An Observer Of Your Thoughts and Your Ego’s Involvement

Just like in Days Of Our Lives, we create so much “nonsense” from our ego.

When our ego gets triggered and activated, we start preparing for the worst.

First the wild thoughts come, then the intense emotions, until lastly we’re trapped in reaction, leading to all kinds of biased action that we later see were rooted in the ego trying to protect us from something that hasn’t and may never happen. 

When we learn to observe the ego and so much of the hypothetical scenarios it is creating, we open up a space to not take everything so seriously.

I now often laugh at the predicaments and storylines my ego grabs onto and observe without reacting or getting caught up in anything that isn’t truly valid.

When we become an observer, we train ourselves to settle into our bodies and to get underneath the incessant chatter of the ego.

When we learn to relax into our body, we create the ability to turn off the constant background noise that can be so clever in stealing our opportunity to fully experience the innate ease and grace within us that’s buried underneath. 

2. Schedule Breaks In Your Day

If we’re practicing rushing, being stressed out, and running from one thing to the next, this is what we become really good at doing!

If this is what a woman is doing all day in her life, showing up to a man from her feminine energy is going to feel extremely difficult and unnatural.

Your magnetic sensitivity, the vulnerable, gentle, and softer aspects of who you are, will feel foreign, yet those qualities are within you. If we never allow ourselves the opportunity to connect to this part of ourselves, it gets lost.

Scheduling the opportunity to just “be” for moments throughout your day will help you center, reconnect to who you are underneath the role, the demands, and the expectations you put on yourself or from others.

It will also allow you to start to soothe your inner little girl who just wants to have a little fun and not be so serious and stressed all the time. 

3. Make Play Time Essential

Stress is created from our inner critic cracking the whip and piling on task after task.

OR it surfaces from allowing others to do this to us. 

When we allow the emotional part of us, our inner child, to feel seen and supported, we draw out the sweet and softer components within ourselves.

She feels like there is joy scheduled in the day so she naturally feels more ease and less worry as a result.

Where in your life are you being too strict with yourself? Where can you carve out a little play?

I encourage you to schedule it!

This could be a morning or afternoon walk, catching up for 15 minutes with a friend, or listening to a podcast or music that lights you up. When we reward ourselves and make it essential, we are offering ourselves the gift of feeling worthy and deserving of the simple joys and pleasures available to us each and every day.

No matter how busy you are, making ease and joy a priority, will only enhance and improve your life. 

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