Introductory Coaching Session

50-Minute Session


In your introductory coaching session, you will learn how to access your deeper self and embody your innate magnetic sensitivity to effortlessly attract or re-attract a high-quality, masculine man.

You’ll also learn how to deepen your feminine energy and the heart-centered communication skills necessary to create a “forever bond” relationship that’s loving, passionate and enduring.

It is for women in all stages of love whether you’re single and working on yourself, dating, in a relationship, or marriage.

What Can We Focus On Together?

During our private, confidential session, we can address the follow challenges and opportunities:

  • How you can attract him forever and feel connected with your man over a lifetime...
  • If you’re feeling some distance between you, or you’re being fed “attention crumbs” just enough to keep you around, how to get him interested again--quickly...
  • Learn how to communicate your needs clearly without getting caught in your head or creating "drama."
  • How to align with your deepest self to draw in or re-attract a high-quality man.
  • What you can do if men are pulling away from you...
  • Get clear on your non-negotiables as well as how to share them, deepen access to your intuition, and identify red flags.
  • How to increase your own self-love. (If you don’t have self-love you’ll take less than what you deserve and if you do have self-love, you attract a higher quality man...)
  • How to tap into your feminine intuition if you’ve become resigned, hopeless, discouraged, feeling like love will never come...
  • How to use “magnetic sensitivity” in your personal situation to attract men, find love, and love yourself again...
  • Learn how to set clear boundaries with a man so that you’re truly able to honor who you are and create more emotional intimacy with him as a result.
  • Ways to build your self-confidence and maintain your high-value status throughout any challenging situation in dating or relationships.
  • Obtain clarity on your Core Values to attract a man that you align with on a soul level.
  • Align with your deepest self to draw in or re-attract a high-quality man.
  • Increase your awareness and your Intimacy Intelligence to communicate openly and vulnerably.
  • Learn how to soothe your inner child and create a new way to handle your deepest triggers in love.

Discovering your Divine Feminine Essence

Group Coaching Program

What You’ll Take Away

This is not a course. This is me giving the targeted, specific information you want in your particular situation.

Some women come to me and they’re struggling to have a man in their life. Others already have a man, but the relationship is unfulfilling or stressful.

But the coaching call is not just about problem resolution, ambitious women often come to me and want to “uplevel” their life or certain aspects of it. And still others want to explore what’s possible and in living your life to its fullest potential.

No matter what the topic of conversation is, you’ll have my undivided attention and together, we’ll tackle the challenge or opportunity.


I wanted to send you a message about big changes in my relationship and changes in me as well.

Over the summer I had a zoom session with you and the next day I start doing all the things you told me.
And your magical feminine energy meditation.

It wasn’t easy at all like you said, to pause to listen inner voice etc.
But I did it and the results are amazingly good.
To be honest from beginning I didn’t believe that he and I could change but it is happening.

I’m more calm, my reactions are calm as well and he is opening up more and more which has never happened before.
I feel also more calm in other life situations at work and daily life.

Our relationship was on the edge of break up,but now it’s turning around in a very positive direction.

Thank you so so much Jen from the bottom of my ❤️

Maya- London


Go ahead and take the first step to create the life and love you want with an Introductory Coaching Session.


The fee for 50 minutes of private coaching with me is $175 for first time clients. You’ll save $74 compared to my normal fee for my private 50- minute stand alone rate.

That may be a lot or a little to you, depending upon your situation. But you’ll have to agree with me that it’s insignificant when compared to creating a happy life, filled with love, connection, and possibility.

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