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I get a lot of questions around how to restore love, manifest love, and inspire love back into women’s lives.
I know that we all hear a lot about self-care and that can mean something different for each of us. How can self-care restore love and intimacy in our relationship?
For me, self-care is something that feeds my soul, not just something that is “nice.”
Getting a manicure is nice, but taking a yoga class from my favorite teacher feeds my soul.
OR buying a new shirt is also nice and something I’m always grateful for, but spending time outdoors or near the ocean feeds my soul. There is not a wrong way to practice self-care, but this is something that can make a REAL impact on how filled up we feel and on our mindset.
I remember when I first was learning to make self-care a priority, I would think of all kinds of different things to do. Over time, there became a clear distinction. Catching up on a weekend with my best friend feeds my soul, getting outdoors and in the sun, yoga, practicing presense, surrendering and making my HAPPINESS a priority is the kind of self-care that fills me up and allows me to be my best self.
The other stuff is fun too, but I’m talking about the soul filling LOVE that we feel when are truly connected and living in the moment. This then translates into me being my best self in my relationship with my husband and with my two boys.
I remember a time where I felt completely depleted, drained, resentful, distrusting, and angry. My relationship MIRRORED this completely.
As I learned to prioritize my own happiness, everything in my life started to shift and change. Once we change the kind of relationship we have with OURSELVES, our energy also changes. Men LOVE happy women! He cannot connect to you if you are in that dark, negative space.
How to Start Shifting This Immeditaly:
Stop whatever you are doing that does not feel good for you. Stop complaining and being negative even if you are not there emotionally yet.
START owning and taking responsibility for your feelings.
Start changing your inner dialogue. What are you happy about? What are you grateful for?
What are you focusing on and how is that making you feel? I also invite you not to share negative feelings with your man for two weeks.
I invite you to do all of this for TWO weeks with consistency and share the changes and shifts this creates in your life! As always, I would love to hear how this feels for you!

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You will be amazed at how this can change everything.


Jen Michelle

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