Learning To Be A High Value Woman

Self acceptance, self love, and self confidence  are essential skills required  to have a thriving and passionate relationship.
In my upcoming group I will be teaching the necessary skills to transform your love life, no matter what your situation may be right now.

Rediscover Your Feminine Essence is a small group coaching program that includes 8 live sessions,  over 60 days of expert-led feminine energy coaching so you can easily learn and incorporate attraction skills into your everyday life and create the connection with a man you long for.

Yes this is truly possible!

Here is a breakdown of what we’ll be diving into:

Learning How To Be A High Value Woman – So you can attract a man who is in alignment with you! This is what creates a foundation of feeling deeply safe, cherished, and protected in any stage of love.

Setting Boundaries & Core Values – So you can attract a man who is of a high level of integrity and appreciates you for who you uniquely are! When we aren’t afraid of holding space for ourselves and convey energetically that we love ourselves, he will mirror this same level of love and consideration back. This is a key foundational component whether you’re dating or seeking to heal a long term relationship. We truly do teach a man how to treat us by upleveling the subconscious beliefs around what we believe we deserve.

Rediscovering Your Self Love–  We must align ourselves with the voice of our high self and what this aspect of us knows is possible so that we can cultivate an intimate and connected relationship with another! This will raise your frequency naturally and allow you to attract and connect from a much more intentional space. You become an embodiment of confidence and hope as this already lives deep inside of you. This is what allows you to let go of all the doing, grasping, and reaching, so love feels effortless rather than like a grind. Aligning with self love is cultivated authentically from the inside out.

Connecting With Your Inner Child– So you can stop repeating the same patterns that don’t serve you in love. The subconscious mind (The 3-7 year old that lives inside all of us) seeks out what is familiar until we become conscious enough to recognize that we can make a different choice! Learning to heal and connect with our inner child is what allows us to HEAL so that we attract from a space of love rather than unhealed trauma. Inner child healing is applicable to all of us no matter what!

Developing Intimacy Intelligence – Intimacy intelligence is critical so you can set a man up to feel successful around you! Masculine men need to feel like they can contribute uniquely to your life in a way no one else can. When a woman has intimacy intelligence, she knows how to work with  the feminine art of timing, how to inspire him to step up, and draw out the best components of who he is.

Aligning With Your Desires – So you can truly connect to what you want and FEEL the hope and possibility within your body! When you embody hope, gratitude, and feeling safe to say yes to yourself, the rest follows. So often desires are a source of pain for women as there is a mismatch energetically in terms of what their higher self knows is possible versus what the ego perceives to be true.

Strengthening Your Vantage Point – So you can build the muscle of deep self trust. Self trust is what allows us to make choices that are right and good for us rather than feeling like we have to ask permission or follow the advice of what someone else would do. This becomes  a sacred relationship, a  practice of strengthening the connection you hold within so that you can trust in what you can’t see yet. This is a practice of surrendering to what you can’t control, honoring your unique inner compass, and trusting the voice of your intuition.

Embodying Your Feminine Energy – so you can feel safe, beautiful, and magnetize all that is meant for you! Embodying our Feminine energy is what allows us to effortlessly attract as women. It is releasing doing all the things you thought you had to do to get love and instead recognizing that your beingness, your open heart, and self love is magnetic.

Each of the 8 modules also includes educational videos and audios in the members area, to watch at your leisure, as many times as you need.

Most sessions also include a quick worksheet to help identify your strengths and where you need the most support. This will give you deeper clarity so you can get the most out of each Tuesday session.

All sessions are recorded and available in the members area as video and audio so you can rewatch or re-listen any time. Ask questions and get clarifications at any time in the exclusive private and hidden Facebook group.

I’ve run this course over a dozen times now and my members are always surprised and delighted in how both their internal and external lives change for the better!

If you infuse these skills into your life you will see obvious and beautiful shifts in your love life!

There are limited spots for this program, to ensure everyone gets the attention they need to succeed. Sign up on the waitlist here! We begin June 3rd.



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