Love & Relationship Aha Session

Do you feel like you are taking way less than you deserve when it comes to men and relationships?

Do you feel like you are uncertain of what a loving, healthy, intimate relationship should feel like? Does it feel like you are always trying to play catch up or get his attention the way that felt so natural in the beginning?

Do you feel like every guy you are with has the same issue, and the same relationship outcome repeats itself?

When you think about love, relationships, and intimacy, do the emotions of fear, low self-worth, anxiety or loneliness come up?

What if you could completely shift this, and feel confident, loved, adored, and cherished in your relationship, and feel that way quickly?

My Love & Relationship Aha session will help you achieve clarity on why the same cycles continue to repeat themselves

This will help you if...

  • You are having challenges attracting the type of man you want into your life
  • You continue to attract men that feel emotionally unavailable, or you play it safe with men that don’t light you up
  • The relationship seems to be moving forward beautifully, until there is a sudden hiccup and you have no idea how to get it back on track
  • He starts to withdraw and disconnect. He isn’t sure how he feels and perhaps has asked for space
  • You feel like you can’t say no, otherwise you will lose him
  • You are feeling low self-worth and find yourself feeling needy, and obsessing over what he is thinking or feeling
  • You find yourself walking on glass, feeling like you have to be perfect and can’t make any mistakes
  • You have been married and grown apart, and don’t know how to reconnect or bring the spark back
  • The dynamics of the relationship feel complex and there is no book or online guide that applies to your complex and unique situation!

Single Session


Fifty minutes via Zoom, Skype or phone

Four Sessions


Four, fifty minute calls, Zoom, Skype or phone

* Must be used within 12 months