Loving Mirror Talk

When you look in the mirror, what do YOU see?

Do you think to yourself things like…

I’m too big, I look too tired, my hair isn’t the right color – or do you appreciate your health and great skin?

YOU would never tell a friend that they look like crap – but you do it to YOURSELF every day!

This is just one of those things that becomes such a habit. Before you know it, you’re feeling awful and can’t seem to find a way out of it.

You find everything that’s not good enough, and didn’t notice even one thing that you feel happy or grateful for when looking in the mirror. This perception becomes our reality, and energetically leads us when it comes to what we believe we deserve in love and relationships.

Every morning is an opportunity to go a new way because after a night of sleep we’ve let go of the of the resistance from the previous day.
It’s here where you can have the opportunity to change the way we’re thinking. This starts with the conversation you have with yourself each day.

I love the practice of creating loving “mirror talk” so you’re building a new habit to be as loving and kind to YOU as you are to everyone else.

What can you change today to start loving yourself a little bit more?

Just in case, I’ve included a few examples, and I know you have one thing in you to get started with!

I like my hair today…

I like my outfit, or my shoes, bag, jacket, earrings, etc.

My skin looks good today….

My body is healthy….

Really feel into this.

Suddenly you’ll notice that you start to feel lighter, prettier, more confident, less critical, and more loving because you’re shifting what you’re focused on to create more of what you like.

Feeling beautiful, worthy, sexy, confident, and deserving is a vibe. As we learn to create this by finding things we love about ourselves each day, we attract love and intimacy effortlessly. We stop feeling like we’re not enough, and stop the behaviors that push a man away like trying to earn intimacy and work so hard for love.

Loving mirror talk is powerful in healing the parts of ourselves we’ve deemed unworthy of love.

As you change the way you feel about yourself, you’ll start to see everything around you change too.

This is so powerful in connecting to a man at any stage of dating or a relationship.
As we learn how to connect and appreciate ourselves, we stop the behaviors that inadvertently block his love from being received.

With Love,



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