Mirror Talk

This starts from the moment we get out of bed and start our day.

When you’re getting ready each day and looking in your bathroom mirror, what type of conversation are you having with yourself?

Do you think to yourself things like…

I’m too big, my eyes look puffy, my hair isn’t the right color – or do you appreciate your health and great skin?

You would never be this negative with anyone else in your life you care about, so why is it okay to speak to yourself this way?

This is just one of those things that becomes such a habit.

Before you know it, it’s hard to find anything to appreciate or feel excited about. Our inner critic has taken over before we even made it out of the bedroom to start the day.

Instead of finding the things that we love and bring us joy, we let our inner critic take over and tell us everything that’s wrong and all the things we need to fix before we can have the man, the job, the promotion, you name it!

What we focus on expands, therefore we limit our ability to see all of the possibilities and beauty in where we are right now.

It’s just not possible to feel like we’re worthy or deserve a high quality man or relationship if our inner critic has taken over.

That’s why every morning we want to catch our inner critic from the moment she starts to surface.

After a night of sleep we have an amazing opportunity to start fresh and intentionally create how we want to feel each morning.

We have an opportunity to send our thoughts and energy in a completely new direction, one that is expansive and focused on building us up, not tearing us down.

I love the practice of creating loving “mirror talk” so you’re building a new habit to be as loving and kind to YOU as you are to everyone else.

Download my complimentary guide Mirror Talk to learn how to catch your inner critic before she starts, and let in the energy that creates opportunities and possibilities to have the life and love you want.