Side By Side Guidance

90 Days Private Coaching

What if you no longer had to work so hard in love and your relationship?

What if by tapping into your own femininity you were able to ignite his deep desire to love, cherish, and commit to you because he does not want to lose you vs. the other way around?

I am here to tell you that this is completely possible. This is not something you just wish or hope for, but something you create by accessing the tools and the power of the feminine energy already within you. The feminine energy that gets covered up overtime by cultural conditioning, society conditioning, family dynamics, and our own feelings of self-love and self-worth.

Once you learn how to uncover your own magical feminine energy, you will never go back to the old way. Your relationships with men will be forever changed. You will be able to create and maintain the level of intimacy you knew deep down was possible, but just got lost somehow along the way.

My personalized 90-day “Get Your Love Life Back On Track” program that is customized for your specific needs and areas you want to change.

This is about allowing yourself to truly own and believe that you are capable of having the love you know deep down you deserve.

If you are ready to try a NEW way, a way that is in alignment with what you know you are capable of having, I am ready to support you in achieving this. It is about creating the relationship you have known all along on a deeper level that you are meant to have.

Have you finally decided to allow yourself to have the love that you deeply desire?

This is meant for relationships of any level. Whether you are single and looking to manifest the man of your dreams and the one that lights you up, we create new ways of showing up so that your vibe is in alignment with what you desire. This is about manifesting and cultivating the life and love we want.


My Private “Side By Side” Coaching Program includes:


50 minute Zooms
(12 Sessions)


Voxer voice note and email messaging to keep you on track


Tools and Homework after each session to bring the attraction back

Side by Side is a Mon - Fri program

This work is about creating a deep, loving, intimate, constantly growing connection with a man, even during arguments or challenging times.


Gone are the days of accepting crumbs, feeling less than, and having insecurity or comparison take over.

This work transforms the relationship you have with yourself, which as a result transforms your relationship with men and your ability to reach new levels of connection and intimacy.

Over time this becomes a beautiful dance with men where we learn to connect to him from our heart and live in a vibration that is so attractive and magnetic to him, that you will feel loved, secure, and cherished. The work we do together is very different than anything you have tried or been told to do before.

One of the most amazing aspects of our work together is that shifts occur almost immediately. You will notice that things will start to look and feel very differently quickly!

Learn from a Certified Relationship Coach with a Masters in Social Work

I’ve heard it all and have techniques, scripts and personal experience that you can learn from and use to turn your love life around to find/keep the man of your dreams.

No matter what your unique situation is, I am confident I can help you have the deep love that you desire. Whether you are dating, in a relationship, or married.

You already have what it takes to create and maintain the kind of love relationship you desire – A relationship filled with love, romance, ease, security and passion.

"If you are going through a tough time in your relationship or even if your relationship has fallen apart and you see no hope - Jen can help you get it back! She'll help you get yourself back; put things in perspective and equip you with tools to handle whatever turbulence you may experience in your journey to love and reconnection.

I've been working with Jen for almost a year and with her consistent support, I've cleared a path through the woods of grief, despair, anger, and hopelessness to reconciliation with my husband. When I started working with Jen, I was firmly in my masculine energy and to say I was a control freak would be an understatement.

Gently but firmly Jen steered me back into my feminine energy and coached me on how to manage my emotions, how to communicate from an open and loving space and how to cultivate high-value whilst remaining warm and inviting. It is an art and Jen is a master at it.

Having Jen as your coach means having her always by your side. She is prompt with her responses and if I didn't reach out for a day or two, she would make sure to check-in with me and ask me what I needed to feel better.

Many a time she has even called me whilst she was travelling and has rarely missed an appointment or rescheduled. She has a calm and warm demeanor that is so centering and grounding. She will encourage you and be your cheerleader, but she will not coddle you or lull you with motivational cliches.

Jen is widely read and thoroughly experienced in her field. Her coaching style is very situational and personalized. She will deeply listen to you; get inside your world and advise you from that unique perspective. This I believe is priceless!

Jen is not just a relationship coach but also a law of attraction coach, a therapist, a life coach, a communication expert, and a rock-steady friend, all rolled into one. The fact that I'm at a place in my life now, that I'm able to write a testimonial, is a testament to Jen's excellent coaching. Working with Jen as my relationship coach is undoubtedly the best investment I've ever made."

Sarah P.

What to expect:

  • Obtain clarity on what you desire and come up with a plan to attract his love and commitment
  • Obtain clarity on what has been blocking you from achieving the level of love and intimacy that you want
  • Discover what behaviors are preventing the level of intimacy desired
  • Connect to the power of your feminine energy that will attract a masculine energy man to you without having to
    "make it happen" or figure anything out on your own
  • Reconnect to YOU. Feel empowered, strong, and beautiful with a new understanding of your value and worth




3 x $1500

*Second payment after 4 weeks

Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions!
Take the first step to create the life and love you want with side by side guidance