Attract Him Forever

Learn to effortlessly radiate the power of your feminine "magnetic sensitivity"
- and attract love, thrills, money, and the man of your dreams

Hi, I'm Jen Michelle

Are you always asking the question, "Why does there seem to be so few great men"? Is it a struggle for you to make a lasting connection with a man you desire, even though you are working hard to make him happy? Are so many of your friends happily in love, but that piece is missing for you? Does dating feel like it's just "too much?"

I'm speaking from experience

and I know exactly how that feels. I was there, curled up in a ball - and so frustrated-all at the same time. When I "woke up" from my own "bad dream" of believing I needed to put out all this "effort" and discovered my Magnetic Sensitivity - everything changed.
And now, everything can change for you because...

Magnetic Sensitivity doesn't require any effort!

"Magnetic Sensitivity" is my Method that turns your natural, effortless Feminine Energy into the most powerful attractor in the world, and you already have it. Once you learn how to access your Magnetic Sensitivity, you can use it to

Attract Him Forever.

Discover Your Attraction Style

Take my quiz to discover your unique qualities and strengths that create almost effortless attraction in love and relationships, as well as the patterns and tendencies that may be preventing you from attracting or keeping the man you want in your life.

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or not, women tell me they’ve experienced tremendous insight just from taking this short quiz.

Jen walks through door

When He Walks Through The Door

What if you could feel completely confident and secure in how you’re showing up with a man?

What if you knew exactly what to do to create the best possible opportunity in connecting to a man in an unforgettable and magnetic way?

What if all it took was learning a new way of showing up from the moment he walks through the door?

How To Attract Him Back

In the how to attract your ex back program, you’ll learn how to attract him in a completely new way, without any of the mistakes I see so often in my coaching work with women.


What Clients Are Saying...


Elisabeth, Sweden

When I found Jen I had tried  a couple of coaches but I instantly knew she was the right match for me as through her coaching I have awakened on so many levels . Trough her coaching I have realized that this journey is about me and how I can become my highest and best self. By understanding my triggers, letting go of control, learning how to communicate , to respond and not react and trusting myself. I’m more aware of my feelings and I have a deeper connection with my emotions.

I am more at peace and ease. Thanks to Jen I am on the path of  creating the best love story of all times with myself ❤️ Jen has so much wisdom and she shares , inspires and guides me in the most beautiful and sincere way.


Kristen NC

Honestly girl you are brilliant. You have been spot on with it all. I am proud of myself that I allowed myself to open up and be transparent! So glad I broke down and called you months ago!


Sarah P.

I found Jen Michelle at a time I was desperately trying to fix my relationship. My boyfriend was distant, cold, and I felt like I was completely losing him.

I was doing everything wrong! I learned that I was in my masculine energy and that he couldn't connect to me. Once I started working with Jen I stopped trying to take over and do everything. I was terrified. Then everything changed. He became the guy he was when we first met. He continues to take steps everyday and wants to make me happy! We are both so Much happier!

I would have definitely lost a great guy if I would not have found Jen Michelle. I needed to learn how to express myself in a way he could understand. So thankful to have learned and continue to learn how to do that!


Julie M.

Jen is a master at coaching and the best kept secret! She got to the heart of the matter for me... I've been with her for over 2 years and it's one of the best investments I've made. I've recommend her to all my friends and they love her just the same!



The tools Jen Michelle teaches work! Ladies we've been doing all the wrong stuff... The understanding of feminine energy that Jen Michelle bestowed upon me honestly makes me feel like I have a magic wand!

Working with Jen Michelle is healing my marriage in beautiful ways... she gave me so much support and specific guidance to heal my relationship. I would recommend Jen Michelle to anyone in a heartbeat... she is firm, honest and compassionate beyond belief.



I have spent my life admiring the relationships of others and lost my hope of getting things just right.

I set up an initial meeting with Jen and instantly felt as though I was talking with a long-time girlfriend. Jen has a sweet and gentle way in which she guides you to make monumental change. This change is subtle in its process and unbelievable in its impact.
The eyes in which you view the world and what you are looking at and looking for all have been changed.

You become equipped to follow a path that was previously unimaginable.

You are forever changed and Jen has been there to guide you as you take each beautiful step and love the woman you’ve become in the process.