The Amazing Power of the Feminine to Bring Him Close

Feminine energy is a RECEIVING energy. The feminine TRUSTS and lives in the MOMENT.
The feminine is a FEELING energy that is more in her heart than in her head.
It is a warm, inviting, and peaceful energy.
The Masculine Energy is a GIVING energy. It is an action oriented energy that is giving, planning, and DOING. It is making things happen.
It can be so hard for us to be aware of OUR ENERGY day to day.
At work, we often have to be in our MASCULINE. It is so easy to bring that home to our man.
I remember I used to be completely unaware of this. I would come home and take over! I would want to decide everything from what was for dinner to planning the weekend out completely.
Over time, my man just let me take over. He was SO passively resentful and I couldn’t understand why.
I took his JOB and his ROLE in the relationship away.
Not to mention the fact that I was so MAD and FRUSTRATED that he wasn’t stepping up!
Once I realized that I had completely taken over the relationship and was living in my masculine energy all of the time, things changed so quickly!
I remember how scary it was to drop the ball and leave it on the ground, not knowing if he was ever going to be able to pick it back up. I also knew that I would never be happy controlling the ball, so as scary as it was, there was only one choice for me.
Over time…things started to change. Yes it was uncomfortable. Yes it was anxiety producing! All of that and then some! But then things continued to SHIFT…and I made my way back to my FEMININE energy with my man. I was suddenly able to recognize and receive all the love and wonderful things he did to make me happy. I felt so happy and grateful…trusting and peaceful…as I was with a man who truly wanted to make me happy. All I had to do was put my faith and trust there.
That changed everything. Once I was aware of the beauty and power of the FEMININE, I knew that things would be completely changed, and that I really did have the relationship I always wanted. I just couldn’t see it when I was living in my masculine.

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