The Magic Found When You Choose Yourself

There is an extraordinary opening that occurs within our hearts and bodies when we choose the path of honoring who we truly are.

It’s a sort of homecoming if you will, a realization that this choice has always been available, but we have lost the ability to see it.

Once we do see it, the choice of honoring ourselves or morphing into the version others want us to be becomes a daily practice. 

When we’re young, we’re automated.

We’re simply taking in the environment around us and not questioning authority figures such as parents, caregivers, and teachers that are shaping our perception of the world.

We are wired for survival, so we will figure out who we need to be to receive acceptance, love, safety and to ultimately survive. 

When we’re older, we may begin to recognize that these old behavior patterns have become maladaptive and limit our unique expression. 

In today’s newsletter I want to share three choices you can make to deepen your connection to self.

This will support you in no longer giving your power away in love, and invite a man to rise into the most empowered and loving version of himself. 

  1. You Align With Your Own Definition Of What A Well Lived Life Look Like

When we decide what happiness, success, abundance, and beauty are on our own terms, we are self sourcing and freeing ourselves. 

When we allow society to dictate what this looks like, we get stuck in endless cycles of feeding the ego which can never feel satisfied for long. 

l have shifted my own perspective in this area so much by reorienting what words like happiness, beauty, success, and abundance mean to me. I have embraced the meaning of these words from a space of enoughness rather than feeding the addictive tendencies of the ego. 

I grew up with lots of value being given to my appearance, and fitting in the perfect parameters of what my family and culture defined as being a “good girl.” 

As I stopped putting emphasis on what others thought of me and truly started to do things for myself, I released others’ opinions of me more and more.

I stopped trying to manage their perception and released what I didn’t have any control over anyway. I freed myself from what once sucked a lot of energy away from me. 

2. You Stop Compromising Your Values For The Relationship To Work

I see women often suppress themselves in relationships to avoid rocking the boat in any way, which creates massive leaks of distrust, disconnection, and resentment over time.

If a woman struggles to honor herself and values the relationship more than she loves herself, she will lose more and more of who she is over time in order to accommodate and pacify his ego. 

It takes courage to speak up and tell the truth of what we’re seeing and feeling in a relationship, especially from a centered and grounded space. We can’t control his reaction, as it’s true he can choose to not self-reflect and leave. 

His ego may not be able to handle what you are bringing up! 

It could also be just what he needs to rise too, meaning he faces himself and does the inner work required to break down the barriers that no longer serve him or the relationship. 

These are the initiations we are often asked to face in order to free ourselves so our relationships can flourish at the highest levels. 

As we choose ourselves from a space of love, he then can feel inspired to rise and show up to the relationship fully from a masculine and deeply empowered space. 

3. We’re Okay With Disappointing Others If It Comes At The Expense Of Ourselves 

This is a big one for most women!

This is a reminder that the word “no” is a complete sentence. As women we have been conditioned to over-explain, take care of everyone’s feelings, put our needs last, and do so from a cheerful and happy place!

This is where we learn how to check in with ourselves to see how we’re feeling.

Does it feel like a yes or a no inside the body? How are you going to feel about your choice long term rather than only considering the short term?

Are you taking care of the child within?

Is she asking you to rest or play instead of overriding her needs?

These are all wonderful prompts to guide you in choosing what is right for you so that others experience you in a well resourced state!

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