Three Practices That Will Improve Your Relationship

I’m often asked what it takes to get a relationship to a loving, healthy, and flowing space, perhaps like it was in the beginning before real life set in. One of the reasons love knocks us off our feet is because it can feel like it has magically gotten rid of all of our problems. We have been on cloud nine and have been swept away in the enjoyment of another person! 


Then of course, life sets in, we get into a rhythm and a routine and start to see that the problems we had before are still there. If we’re self-aware enough we’ll see this for what it is. If we subconsciously expected to be saved though, we may be angry at our partner for still having these problems! Instead of seeing our partner as a beautiful contribution to our life, we’ve unknowingly expected them to save us from ourselves!


This leads to a mentality that will erode at a connection that once felt effortless and open. Before you know it, we’ve put conditions on another and have subconsciously expected from them in a way that doesn’t feel good or inspire the masculine to want to step up. 


If you find that you may have unknowingly put expectations on the masculine, I want to share three practices that I have no doubt will significantly improve your relationship, no matter what stage of love you’re in. 


  1. Go All In

Going all in means you’re not waiting on him to show you first. 

You are choosing to fully show up because you know that withdrawing or withholding love doesn’t feel good. 

The masculine can feel when you’re on the fence in this way! 

It’s so important to show up the way we want to be treated versus justifying all the reasons why they should be doing it first! Consider this will get you nowhere! Closing ourselves off in this way creates disconnection, cuts off the flow of love, and leads to a power struggle. 

Going all in asks that we love and trust ourselves more. It asks us to connect to the truth that we can handle anything that comes our way. This is what leads to living a life with no regrets – the ability to show up from love rather than justifying all the reasons we shouldn’t give it. 


2. Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to healing a disconnected relationship or in times where we’re feeling off within ourselves. Laughter is spontaneous, open hearted, and in the present moment.

What is more healing than that?

Somewhere along the way, we’ve trained ourselves to treat life and love as such serious business and have lost the powerful connection laughter leads us to. 

I invite you to practice being in the moment and to practice having a more open heart.

This will allow you to create the conditions inside of yourself for more play and lightheartedness.

As you begin to soften within, he will feel it! His inner little boy will light up and want to come out and play too. 

3. Stop Gathering Evidence

We all have a negative bias for survival purposes. It’s our job to then filter situations that come up in life to decide if those instincts are applicable. 

If we are reactive or quick to go down the list of all the reasons why something isn’t working, seeing the bigger picture will be less and less possible. 

Curiosity is truly the antidote to negativity. When we teach ourselves to lean into curiosity versus negative assumptions, we allow the less generous perspective to dissipate and open ourselves up to more loving and abundant alternatives. 

Expecting the best and being prepared for the worst is a true practice. We want to build the trust and confidence within to know that choosing to see the best in a situation while being honest with ourselves leads to us feeling good and more connected. The same is true in reverse: When we allow ourselves to be pulled into all the reasons why something isn’t good, this causes us to create from this limiting lens.

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