Three Things Men Need To Fall In Love


In this video/blog I talk about three things men absolutely need in order to fall in love, and why it can often feel like the opposite of what we think!

Three Things Men Need To Fall In Love

1. To Feel Like He Can Contribute To Your Happiness In A Unique Way

We often fall into the habit of wanting to tell a man what we don’t like, and forget to express appreciation when he shows up in a way that shows he cares.

We want to shift this by bringing awareness to what he’s doing well, and express heartfelt appreciation to him.

The ability to be present and appreciate all he is giving right now will inspire him to step up in even bigger ways.

If a woman is sharing more of what she doesn’t like than what she does like, he’ll lose confidence in his ability to make her happy and eventually stop trying.

He’ll no longer feel safe to give over his heart or connect in a way that inspires all the big ticket items that we seek in a relationship.

When we learn to express appreciation and authentic gratitude for who he is, we inspire his love, loyalty, intimacy, and unwavering devotion.

2. To Connect Authentically

It’s key that we show up in a way that it’s in true alignment with who we are rather than the version of ourselves we’ve deemed more to it appealing.

He wants to connect to the truth of who we are, not our impressive resume or costumed shell.

When he feels like he’s connecting to us authentically, when we’re accepting of our own flaws, it conveys we’re confident in who we are. This is one of the most beautiful qualities within us, in our ability to truly love who we are, it can’t help but radiate outwardly.

When a woman owns and accepts who she is, it can’t help but be mirrored back to her.

She’s not hiding or covering up aspects of who she is, how she grew up, and other areas where she may feel some embarrassment or shame.

When a woman chooses to learn and grow from her hiccups and mistakes she’s made along the way, she has a grace and resiliency where he’s inspired to connect and open up too.

We often don’t realize when we’ve taken on an energy of feeling like this is how I should be, scared of exposing something about ourselves or our lives, leading from a fear that he won’t love or accept this person.

He feels us inside of our head and is unable to connect.

It’s within our ability to accept and love ourselves for who we are that this is then mirrored back to us by him.

Subconsciously he’s only able to love us as much as we love ourselves.

3. To Feel Emotionally Safe In Letting His Guard Down

In order for him to reveal his heart, he needs to feel safe to do so. If a woman is connected to who she is, and is in control of her emotions, he feels safe showing who he is, and opening up. This means that at the end of a difficult day at work, or in his masculine energy, he’s triggered to drop down into his heart by your ability to connect to yours. He feels safe and at home in your presence.

The feminine energy creates this beautiful environment for him to safely be who he is.

He will love and crave being around a woman in this energy.

He feels safe knowing he’s not coming home to drama, criticism, a “to do” list, negative critiques, or gossip.

He’s confident he’s coming home to a woman comfortable in her own skin, a woman who is present, inviting, and emotionally healthy.

There’s nothing more magnetic than a happy woman who’s easy to be around.

This doesn’t mean we need to be in a “good mood” all the time, rather can express ourselves without blaming or criticizing him in times of stress or anger.

What happens when a woman conveys this “vibe” is that he will long to spend time with her, allowing himself to fall in love.

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