Three Things To Avoid If You Want To Receive Masculine Energy


Women share with me all the time that they want to receive and inspire MORE masculine energy from a particular man, or men in general. 

We often don’t realize the subtle ways we block masculine energy from coming in.

When he tries to step up, we often don’t see how our own masculine side is imbalanced, leaving little room for him to step up and lead. 

Yes, it’s true that some men are more connected to their feminine side.

We can do all the things, but he may embody more feminine energy than masculine.

I find this is rare in the situations I’ve come across.

When a woman starts to see all the ways she is subtly emasculating a man or men in general, and is willing to adjust, she has the ability to draw out a totally different side in the masculine. 

I want to share with you today three behaviors to avoid if you want to receive more masculine energy. 

I also want to say that what I’m about to share applies to a healthy man, not a man who is toxic or who makes reckless or unsafe choices.

If this is your situation, this is a different conversation around self honoring and making healthy choices for you!

  1. Don’t Undermine His Decision Making

I think most of us have unconsciously questioned men with the best of intentions in mind. This can look like:

“Why are you going to do that?” 

“Shouldn’t you have turned left there?”

“Are you planning to wear those shoes?” 

Dealing with all the details yourself while he stands behind you: 

“ The reservation is under Smith for two at 6:00.” 

Can you relate to any of these examples?

It can seem pretty innocent at the moment, but they are all subtle ways of undermining a man.

We will never draw out the best in him when we question, lead,  or mother him!

2. You Don’t Trust Men

Trust goes both ways of course, but I will be speaking to how distrust is received from the masculine point of view today. 

If we approach love from a space of distrust, we get MORE distrust. He will easily be able to rationalize bad behavior and say well, she doesn’t trust me anyway. 

If we surrender and let go of our ego’s stories from previous experiences with other men, we open up a space to see him differently. We open up to seeing him from a lens that’s  not clouded by past traumas or disappointments. 

The more you lean into trusting a good high quality man, the more trustworthy and integrous  he will want to be!

You will never get the best from a man when viewing him from a lens of suspicion or expecting the worst.

You are incredibly powerful as a feminine energy being and truly have the ability to inspire him to rise and grow as a man!

3. Complaining And Criticism

Some women believe that if they complain and point out to a man what he is doing wrong, that he will be motivated to change.

Sure, of course there is a time and place for these discussions, YET is it imbalanced?

John and Julie Gottman talk about the 5:1 ratio in their research.

The 5:1 ratio means that for every one negative feeling or interaction between partners, there must be five positive feelings or interactions. I believe this is true whether you’re married or just beginning to get to know someone. 

In other words, men have to feel like they can be successful around you!

He can’t feel like he’s always falling short or disappointing you! 

Maybe as you read this, you’re saying to yourself that there’s nothing to celebrate. 

While I can empathize with those of you who hold this point of view, I would invite you to consider that as you direct your attention to anything he does that he doesn’t have to do, you can begin to slowly build from here. 

If you find that you’ve fallen into complaining or viewing men from a critical lens, I invite you to shift your perception. Begin to notice anything a particular man or men do to contribute to your life in the smallest of ways. 

Maybe holding the door open…

Maybe buying you a coffee…

Maybe shoveling the snow…

It can be anything and again this applies to all of us whether married, dating, single, and in a relationship!

You know the saying:

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.  

This is an invitation  to thank him and appreciate him for all the little things he does and you then create the best opportunity to inspire him to be a better man. 




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